Apple iPhone 4S spotted in iTunes beta

The iPhone 4S is mentioned in iTunes, adding to rumours it'll be unveiled tomorrow

We're just a day away from Apple's iPhone event, where it's expected to out (hopefully) an iPhone 5 as well as an iPhone 4S. Well the second of those is a dead cert, if the latest version of iTunes is to be believed.

The latest iTunes beta, released on Friday, contains the product name 'iPhone 4S' in the description tag, as well as featuring an image that looks the same as the regular white iPhone 4, according to a screenshot leaked to MacRumors. So it looks like the iPhone 4S will look identical to the iPhone 4, as predicted.

After some more digging, it seems the iPhone 4S reference first appeared in iTunes beta 6.1, which was released on 29 August this year, so a little over a month ago.

There's no word on an iPhone 5 yet, prompting speculation Apple will only unveil the 4S, a tweaked version of the iPhone 4, at its event tomorrow. If that is the case, all that talk of a slimmer tapered design, 8-megapixel camera, and larger screen was pure bunkum. We'll bring you all the official news as it breaks tomorrow evening, so keep it locked to for more.

Via MacRumors.