Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders sell out in the US

Apple's latest iPhone breaks sales records again across the pond

So this isn't a huge surprise: Apple have announced that its iPhone 4S has smashed sales records by selling out completely on its first day of pre-order availability

According to US mobile carrier AT&T, its first batch of iPhone 4Ss were all snapped up just hours after the phone went up for pre-order on Friday morning. AT&T sold over 200,000 iPhone 4S handsets in 12 hours.

Latecomers pre-ordering the iPhone 4S in the States are now being told to expect waiting periods of between one and two weeks while carriers await new stock. Those who were quicker getting their pre-orders for Apple's new superphone in, meanwhile, can look forward to an expensive thud on their doormats next Friday, the 14th October.

The situation over here isn't quite as desperate. UK Apple fans looking to pre-order the iPhone 4S SIM-free are facing similar delays, with Apple's UK website also giving an estimated delivery time of one-to-two weeks on current pre-orders of new iPhones. We're not seeing any such notices on UK carrier websites so far, so if you're dead set on picking up a 4S this Friday, best get yourself over to your network's pre-order page, sharpish.

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Source: USA Today