Apple iOS 6 Download Rumours: Release date, features & news

Everything you need to know about Apple’s upcoming OS, including features & more

We roundup the latest Apple iOS 6 download rumours, news & predicted features to sum up what we can expect to emerge from WWDC 2012

Update: We've now got an iOS 6 rumours video (above) as well as more MacBook Pro 2012 release date rumours.

While the iPhone 5 rumours continue to gather momentum, T3 is busy getting all hot and bothered about the launch of iOS 6 – the reported upcoming mobile operating system (OS) from Apple.

With the Californian company’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) just around the corner (June 11-15), we’ve rounded up the latest news and rumours surrounding the launch of its speculated sixth-generation OS.

Apple iOS 6: Release date

WWDC will take place between June 11 and 15, and, given it’s unlikely the rumoured iPhone 5 will be released during that time, rumour has it the big announcement to emerge from the conference will be iOS 6, gadget site TrustedReviews reports.

According to technology blog GottaBeMobile, Apple will make the software available for the iPhone 4S and new iPad, giving it enough time to repair bugs before rolling it out on its next-generation devices – including the heavily rumoured new iPad Mini.

ios 5

Apple’s current operating system, iOS 5, was announced at WWDC 2011, further fuelling reports that we could be seeing a new iPhone OS in June.

Apple iOS 6: Features wishlist

One thing Apple is really good at, aside from making killer tech, is keeping secrets. Alas, there’s not been much in terms of iOS 6 feature leaks, however, that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from speculating.

We’ve scoured the web to fish out people’s opinions. No blog or site was left unturned. Here are our favourites…

1. User accounts on iPad
The unofficial Apple blog Tuaw has suggested a rather cool concept: multiple users on iPad, a nifty feature that’ll present tablet-sharing households with the ability to set up user accounts on the portable device.

User support will allow iPad owners to share the device without fearing that their friends or relatives may accidentally erase vital data. Or as Tuaw writer Michael Grothaus put it: “it’d be nice to let my niece use my iPad without worrying she'll accidentally delete an important email.”

Grothaus also points out that with the use of iCloud and iTunes Match, users needn’t worry about their hard drive quickly filling up, as each user could access their documents via the cloud. We like it.

2. Better cursor navigation
We always thought that Apple could put some extra effort into their cursor navigation but we never really raved about it – until now. Check out this awesome YouTube video by danielchasehooper.

His concept is simply amazing – we particularly loved the idea of dragging to move the cursor and dragging with two fingers to move it faster – and reckon it will make typing on the iPad a more pleasurable experience.

3. Widgets
With Android firmly on the widget wagon, experts believe it’s about time Apple jumped on board too. Tech website GottaBeMobile has suggested the wider use of widgets for iOS 6, which will allow users to have faster access to their smartphone settings and controls. We second that.

4. Facebook integration
While compiling research for this article, T3 came across one recommendation that appeared time and time again – Facebook integration.

While Facebook is available on iOS 5 via the official Facebook app, there’s no way in uploading and sharing content on to the social network without first booting up the app. This could be a pain if you don’t have access to a solid internet connection.

We too would like to see Facebook integration on iOS 6, simply because it will make sharing photos and content much easier (and faster).

5. Running multiple apps at once
YouTube user Kyle Howells has put together this video, which we can only describe as a work of pure genius. Imagine using up to four apps on the iPad at once! Well, now you can.

Howells’ concept is rather simple: users can run up to four apps at the same time on their Apple tablets. All the apps can be minimalised and used in conjunction with one another. Mint.