3D TV: Six million Brits can't make it out

12 per cent can't see in 3D says charity

Spread of 3D could be hampered by millions not being able to watch TVs without eye strain.

Six million of us Brits cannot see in 3D. That’s according to work done for The Eyecare Trust, which says between 10 and 12 per cent of the UK’s population are not able to watch 3D TV without experiencing problems.

“For these six million people it’s like taking the 3D glasses off, making everything all blurry. You can’t see the image and that causes headaches, eye-strain and blurred vision,” said The Eyecare Trust’s Dharmesh Patel.

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From Sony 3D TVs to the Nintendo 3DS, three dimensions are the latest craze in gadgetry. “3D is appearing everywhere and there’s loads of people complaining that they can’t see it,” says Patel.

The figures are bound to concern 3D gadget makers, especially with uptake of 3D TVs across Europe reported to be much slower than hoped. It seems if you haven’t got nigh-on perfect binocular vision, 3D TV may just be something you’ll only ever read about and not experience.

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