Facebook winners and losers

500 million users but not everyone has mastered Facebooking

Facebook has created a completely new generation of social network savvy individuals who live an online existence, but who is making the most out of the website and who is losing out? T3 investigates...

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will be blowing out the birthday cake candles and sipping on an ice-cold beer as his once social networking baby built within the four walls of his dorm room at Harvard, has now sprung spectacularly onto the computers of office workers across the globe some five years later.

While most have had the pleasure to share their most intimate thoughts and photos of their daily lives on their widening community of pals, not all have fond memories of the friend-collecting site.

By Facebook appointment
Who says football clubs don't listen to their fans any more? With Championship club Norwich City having sacked their current manager Glen Roeder, calls were made for Norwich legend Bryan Gunn to take the managerial reigns. No sooner had Gunn's daughter launched a Facebook group to get her dad the job, that 1,500 Canaries fans threw support behind her dad. Gunn was appointed manager and oversaw a thumping 4-0 victory against Barnsley.
Facebook status: Winner (unless they get relegated)
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Caught on camera
There is an art to concealing your incessant Facebook checking. One sacred rule clearly is to make sure there are no camera teams floating around your work place. Obviously a Facebook amateur, CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin failed to notice the looming television camera over his shoulder as he checked to see if his George Bush friend request had been accepted.
Facebook status: Loser - A schoolboy Facebook error for all to see
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Electing to party hard
Her manifesto was to prove that young people like herself were more than just 'hood-wearing yobs wanting to get drunk'. But when pics of her drunken antics made it onto her Facebook page, it was a classic tale of political hypocrisy. Laura Pye who became the youngest person to be elected a council member at 18, could be seen cavorting in her local constituency of Henley Town and posing with alcohol in scantily clad garments. She did however mention that she does take her council work very seriously
Facebook status: Loser - She could well have been the first and last 18-year-old council member
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Far from Conservative behaviour
We are well aware that there are perhaps more than the odd few in the main opposition party who harbour some rather old-fashioned views on society, but clearly this bout of Facebook captured behaviour posted by former Conservative Party aide Philip Clarke was more than towing the line. Emma Claire Pentreath, a constituency officer for the Hammersmith and Fulham MP, Greg Hands, was posted blackening up their faces with a burned cork. Mr Clarke was suspended from his role and no doubt those featured in the picture were dealt similar punishment.
Facebook status: Losers - Clearly not acceptable behaviour for Facebook or anywhere else
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Getting Honda back on track
When it is just too much energy to band together a group of supporters with banners in hand to argue your cause, log on, set up a Facebook group, and wait for change to happen, and the support to grow. 'Let's buy F1 Honda' was one of the more ambitious attempts through the social networking site to raise sufficient funds to get the financially stricken F1 team racing in next season's Formula 1 championship. With a rather large sum of £40m needed, the group needed 400,000 members to commit £100 of their money to cover a season.
Facebook status: Losers - with only 236 members our maths skills tell us that there is a long way to go before we see Jenson back in that driving seat.
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House party rampage
Sweet sixteen this was not - A group who have become known as the Facebook Republican party, gatecrashed Georgina Hobday's 16th birthday party causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Despite her parents putting bouncers on the door of their £1.5m Brighton home, news caught swift on Facebook of the bash, and the 40-strong group of youths made their way into the event, smashing light bulbs and tearing up the garden.
Facebook status: Losers - Having second thoughts about making that party group?
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How not to pull a sickie
Whether you have just walked the dog, or burnt your toast, you can announce it to the Facebook world, and you are likely to get the odd few random comments. Announcing however, that after a heavy drinking session you intend not to go to work followed by a rather strong expletive, it is likely to have a little more of an explosive response. Australian call-centre worker Kyle Doyle who claimed the day off was for medical reasons, was left red-faced after his HR department drew him to his publicly known sickie via a screengrab of his Facebook page.
Facebook status: Loser - Gloating is not always that good
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Not fairy clever
Having got past the initial 'lying to your boss about a family emergency' stage, US banker intern Kevin Colvin got kitted out in glitter and wings for some serious Halloween partying. Overlooking the fact that his fellow workers might be perusing their Facebook the next day and stumble across his picture was something that clearly was the least thought out part of his plan. With the pics doing the office rounds, his boss got caught of the interesting photos and in a comforting e-mail to the intern he wished all was well while adding, 'Nice wand'.
Facebook status: Loser - if not for getting caught out, for wearing that shocking green number
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One Whopper with no friends please...
Most of the 38 applications you find stocked up in your notifications box each day usually consist of a mass forwarding process of more page clutter you have no intention of looking at. But when Burger King released an application to test whether you were true friend hogger or a ruthless member of society when a freebie was a stake, started a brief Facebook friends cull. Offering a tasty Whopper for deleting 10 friends from your network was swiftly withdrawn by the moderators once people were willing to sell their mates down the river for a Whopper with cheese.
Facebook status: Winner - the fast food chain got their publicity, and some Facebook users got fed.
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Rick Rollin' to Christmas number one
2008 was clearly the year of the 80's one hit wonder they call Astley. So what better way to crown the cult pop crooner's brief return to the limelight with the coveted Christmas number one spot? Over 55,000 users joined the Facebook group to get 'Never Gonna Give You Up' to number one with the hope that each member downloading the track would secure his position as the top festive track. The Lancashire lad in the end failed to scupper the likely X-factor big seller to be top of the Christmas tree.
Facebook status: Winner - The Rick Roller shall surely live on
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Star of CCTV
Proving that the power of Facebook is for the greater good, New Zealand police managed to nab a criminal after posting CCTV footage of the criminal in action. In his strenuous attempts to break into a bar safe, the unnamed 21-year-old stupidly took off his balaclava to reveal his identity. After posting images and video of the bumbling crook, he was identified by users and was shown the hard side of the law.
Facebook status: Winner - showing that Facebook is more than just a reason to go friend hunting
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The greatest football gaffe
This delightful young man is Crystal Palace's Ashley-Paul Robinson or 'Motor Mouth' as he is also known to some. After a potential move to Premier League side Fulham was in the offing, he thought he would alert his friends to a potential big-money move by changing his status to 'Ashley-Paul is goin fulham on Monday. If I pull dis off im on dis ting'. Little did he know that he had let the entire London network know of his transfer news. As well as a likely ribbing from his teammates he no doubt would have had a polite word from fiery manager Neil Warnock.
Facebook status: Loser - Facebook 1-0 Ashley-Paul Robinson
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Wispa campaign to brink back the choc
One of the first examples of the Facebook power to change, Cadbury's adhered to that age-old business rule and listened to their confectionery customers. 14,000 Facebook members clearly feeling a chocolate void in their lives since the bar left our newsagent shelves sought to bring back the iconic 80s treat. Cadbury's duly delivered by launching 23 million of the bars to the delight of Wispa fans nationwide.
Facebook status: Winner - Does anyone know where the Chomp bar has gone?
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You have been royally dumped
Once there was the face-to-face dumping, then there was the text break-up to avoid the likely emotional reaction, now Facebook has become home of the heartbreak. When Prince Harry's former squeeze Chelsy Davy decided that she had enough of the Prince, she turned to her social networking chum to be the bearer of bad news and make Harry a singleton once more.
Facebook status: Loser - She clearly has blown her chances of ever having tea with the Queen
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