3. Galileo for iPhone 4S

Josh Guyot and JoeBen Bevirt are the founders of Motrr, and the sort of robot enthusiasts that you expect to come up with whacky ideas like the Galileo. Stick your iPhone in this robotic dock, connect it to your iPad, and BAM! You have a remote control camera stand, one which you can use for video conferencing, Skype calls, video, cinematography and a whole host of other stuff.

The Galileo is capable of full 360° pan, and moves at 200° per second, so it's no slouch either. We love the idea, and clearly we aren't the only ones. The project smashed it's target of raising $100,000 by raising over $700,000 from over 5,000 interested backers.

Backers: 5,227  |  Money raised: $702,427 (funding successful)  |  Link: Galileo