Eve vs Nectar: which original memory foam mattress should you choose?

Can't decide between the Eve Original and Nectar memory foam mattresses? Here's everything you need to know

Eve Original vs Nectar memory foam mattresses
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The Eve Original and Nectar memory foam mattress are two of the top mattresses on the market. They've both scooped awards and they both provide a sleeping experience on the firmer end of the scale. But which is the best memory foam mattress? That's what we'll attempt to work out here.

There are plenty of similarities between the two. Both are delivered to your door, rolled up and vacuum-packed in a box, and both will have to sit and expand for a day or even two before you can sleep on them. They both feature three layers of different types of foam to give you comfort, support and stability, and they're both reasonably-priced – the more so if you can get a discount.

Which one should you go for, then? For all the details you could possibly want, check out our Eve mattress review or Nectar mattress review. But for a head-to-head comparison of all the important features, keep on reading.

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Eve vs Nectar mattress: Background and overview

Eve (opens in new tab) is based in the UK and all its mattresses – with the exception of the Eve Premium – are designed and manufactured in the UK. It's been in the business since 2014 and has three mattresses on offer: the Original, the Lighter and the Premium, which it makes in both standard memory foam and hybrid (consisting of foam and springs) form. The Eve Original is its mid-range option.

Nectar Sleep (opens in new tab) is based in California and was founded in 2016. It's been manufacturing and selling mattresses in the UK since 2018 and has just one mattress option: the Nectar memory foam mattress, aimed at the more expensive end of the bed-in-a-box market.

Eve vs Nectar mattress: Construction

Eve mattress construction

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Eve Original

The Eve Original is a 24cm deep, vacuum-packed bed-in-a-box mattress made with three foam layers. A top comfort layer gives you 3cm of super-breathable springy foam, and beneath that is 3cm the all-important memory foam giving you softness and support. At the bottom there's a thick layer of dense base foam with seven contour zones for targeted support. It's all wrapped up in a washable top cover that wicks moisture away, and an anti-slip base that'll keep your mattress where you want it.

Nectar mattress contruction

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Nectar mattress

The Nectar mattress is 25cm deep, with a whole 9cm of memory foam. The top memory foam layer is viscoelastic to keep things soft and cradling, and underneath that is a thicker layer of transition memory foam to provide extra pressure relief. Beneath them both is a base layer of sturdier foam, divided into seven contour zones to give you support where you need it. Finally there's a non-washable adaptive cooling cover that's designed to draw heat away from your body and circulate air beneath you.

Verdict: Draw

There aren't many notable differences between the two mattresses, build-wise. The Nectar is deeper with more memory foam, however more memory foam doesn't necessarily mean better. The Eve's washable cover is a definite plus, but on the whole this one's too close to call.

Eve vs Nectar mattress: Comfort and firmness

Both of these mattresses are rated medium-firm, but if you've spent any time trying out mattresses you'll know that this can cover a pretty wide range of firmness. The Eve Original can hold up to 40 stone (260kg), while the Nectar can support up to 46 stone (292kg), and if you think that translates into the Nectar being the firmer of the two, you'd be right.

The Eve Original's a pretty firm mattress; the Nectar, meanwhile, is quite a bit firmer than that, and probably a bit too firm for many people. Both of them are great for people who tend to get a bit hot in the night, though; the fact that you're less likely to sink into you means they won't absorb heat, and they both have covers that'll help regulate your temperature as you sleep, too.

Verdict: Draw

This one's entirely subjective: you need to go with the mattress that provides the right level of firmness for you. If you like your bed to be super-solid we'd advise you to opt for the Nectar, however if you need your mattress to provide that little bit more give then the Eve Original is the way to go.

Eve vs Nectar mattress: Price

The Eve Original mattress costs £429 for a single, £629 for a small double, £699 for a double, £799 for a King, and £899 for a Super King. 

The Nectar mattress costs £469 for a single, £569 for a double or small double, £669 for a King and £769 for a Super King.

Verdict: Nectar wins

Unless you're buying a single mattress, Nectar wins over Eve every time in the price stakes. However, the prices listed here are RRP and it's unlikely that you'd ever have to pay that as both companies offer regular discounts. Before you order, check out the current Eve mattress discount codes and deals and Nectar mattress discount code and deals to get the best possible price.

Eve vs Nectar mattress: The small print

Nectar mattress

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Eve Original

Eve offers free delivery to most of the UK, however there are some areas where it can't do this, so if you live in a hard-to-reach area it's best to check when you order. For £40 in most areas it'll also take your old mattress away and recycle it. Eve provides a 100-night trial for you to get to know your mattress, and free returns if things don't work out between you. You also get a 10-year warranty.

Nectar mattress

Nectar will deliver your mattress for free across most of the UK mainland, however it'll charge for deliveries to the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and to UK and Channel Islands. If you want your old mattress removed and recycled, Nectar can arrange this for £35. It offers a stand-out one-year trial so that you can seriously make sure that you've made the right choice, plus a 'Forever' warranty that'll cover your mattress for as long as you own it.

Verdict: Nectar wins

Both Eve and Nectar provide free delivery and returns to most of the UK, and can have your old mattress removed and recycled for a reasonable price. However with its year-long trial period and lifetime guarantee, Nectar edges ahead in the customer service stakes.

Eve vs Nectar mattress: What other people think

Eve Original mattress

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Eve Original

Eve is rated as Excellent on Trustpilot, with over 7,500 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab). 85% of its reviews rate it as excellent and 6% as great; only 6% of reviews rate it as bad.

We rated the Eve Original highly in our Eve mattress review, finding it affordable, comfortable and cooler than the average memory foam mattress. It wasn't all good news, though; we felt that it would be too firm for some and noted that it's very heavy, and we weren't taken by the strong smell that hung around it for a couple of weeks after we unpacked it.

Nectar mattress

On the basis of over 7,800 Trustpilot reviews, Nectar is rated as Excellent with 4.3 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab). 71% of its reviews rate it as excellent, 13% as great, and 9% of reviews rate it as bad.

In our Nectar memory foam mattress review we were impressed by it comfortable cover, super-supportive foams and the fact that it's nice and cool to sleep on in summer (something of a rarity in memory foam mattresses). However we also felt that its firmness could be a bit much for some people.

Verdict: Eve wins

Eve comes just ahead of Nectar here, with more excellent ratings and fewer bad ratings on Trustpilot, but both are pretty popular on the whole. Firmness seems to be an issue with both mattresses, and the slightly firmer Nectar is likely to be the more divisive.

Eve vs Nectar mattress: Which should I buy?

Providing a definitive verdict on whether you should choose the Eve Original or Nectar mattress is near-impossible. Each has its own benefits such as the Nectar's 365-day trial or the Eve's washable cover, and while the Nectar is slightly ahead of the Eve when it comes to cooling, it's also quite a bit firmer, which may be a turn-off for many.

Price-wise the Nectar mostly comes in cheaper, but there's not really a lot in it, Ultimately we feel that your decision between the two is going to boil down to how firm you like your mattress to be. If you prefer a properly firm mattress then the Nectar's definitely the one for you, but if you want just a bit more give then we think that the Eve Original will suit you better. Either way you'll have a decent trial period in which to make absolutely sure about your choice.

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