Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review: dreamy cushioning and excellent temperature regulation

The Eve Premium Hybrid combines 5 layers of springs and foams for a blissful night's sleep – is it worth the price tag? Here's our review

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review
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T3 Verdict

The Eve Premium Hybrid delivers a firmer, supportive sleep surface with dreamy cushioning that almost makes you feel like you're floating on it. Temperature regulation is excellent, making this a top choice for those who struggle to stay cool at night.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent temperature regulation

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    'Weightless' sleeping experience

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    Supportive right to the edges

Reasons to avoid
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    Motion isolation could be better

The Eve Premium Hybrid is Eve's most luxurious mattress. It combines five thick layers of different high-tech foams with over 1500 full-sized pocket springs. Eve describes it as "28cm of hybrid mattress heaven", and we're inclined to agree. In fact, it's snagged a spot in our best mattress UK guide. 

The Premium mattress sits at the top of this brand's range, which includes the Original Eve mattress and the basic but still brilliant Eve Lighter mattress. All three are available as a foam-only or hybrid (springs plus foam) mattress. 

Such luxury does come at a price, and at RRP the Eve Premium Hybrid is on the pricier end. That said, sales aren't too rare – before you buy, we'd recommend heading to our roundup of Eve mattress discount codes and deals. We've been sleeping on this mattress for over a year now, so it's been well and truly tested out. Read on for our full Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review.

Eve Premium Hybrid review: design

At the top of the Eve Premium Hybrid, you'll find a quilted cover. Not only can you zip it off and wash it, but Eve has woven tiny silver strands into the fabric to give it antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Next up are multiple layers of different foam, all designed to work together to create a blissful sleep surface. At the top you've got 'Floatfoam', a new proprietary foam designed to offer "indulgent softness and soothing pressure relief" (you might even feel like you're floating on it). That sits on top a slab of memory foam that contours to your body and provide custom pressure relief. Eve's foam comes infused with graphite, to regulate temperature and stop the mattress from trapping heat (this can be an issue with memory foam – head to our memory foam vs spring mattress explainer for more info).

To stop things getting too squishy, the next layer is made from a firmer foam to keep your spine aligned and provide the support you need. Finally, at the bottom of this section is the foam casing layer, which reinforces the edges of the mattress (so you won't feel like you're going to roll right off when you get near the perimeter), and provides a protective barrier between all those foams and the springs, which are up next. 

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review

(Top to bottom) Cover, Floatfoam layer, memory layer, support layer, foam casing, springs, anti-slip base

(Image credit: Eve)

At the bottom, there's 1500, 12cm pocket springs. These have the benefit of allowing airflow through the mattress, as well as adapting to support your body. It's a bit unusual to have the springs right at the bottom of a hybrid – most brands sandwich them somewhere in the middle. But on the Eve all that's left is the base, which is non-slip to keep the mattress securely in place on your bedstead or divan.

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review: how comfortable is it?

Eve describes the Premium Hybrid as a medium-firm mattress, and we’d just about agree, although we’d place it at the firmer end of that range, rating it at 7.5-8 out of 10. It’s noticeably firmer than the likes of the Emma Original mattress – this is definitely a mattress you sleep on top of, rather than sink into – but it didn’t take long for us to adjust to it all. 

We found the mattress to be wonderfully supportive from the first night. (If you'd prefer something softer, the Simba Hybrid Pro is worth considering – see how the two compare in our Eve Premium Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid Pro showdown.)

We’ve been sleeping on the Eve Premium Hybrid for over a year now, and it’s the closest to feeling weightless we’ve experienced with a mattress so far. The softer top layers provide exceptional cushioning, while the support foam and springs underneath push you to the surface, delivering instant pressure relief that lasts all night. We still find it to be extremely comfortable, no matter whether we sleep on our side, front or back.

Temperature regulation is also excellent: one of our reviewers has a tendency to overheat at night, but hasn’t once with the Eve Premium Hybrid – even during the hot summer months. We whole-heartedly recommend this mattress for anyone who struggles to stay cool at night.

Our only slight niggle is related to motion transfer. Initially, the mattress scored extremely highly here, with all movement completely absorbed, but recently we’ve noticed a little creeping in – not to the degree that it’s affected our sleep, but if you’re awake you may notice a partner climbing in or out of bed. Nevertheless, overall the mattress remains good at isolating movement, and we still think it’s a decent mattress for anyone with a restless partner. 

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review

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The flip-side to this is that there isn't a lot of bounce. Yes, there’s a little more than you'd get from an all-foam mattress, but if this is a particularly important feature you'd be better off choosing a pocket-sprung option.

Finally, edge support is good. You can sleep confidently right up to the sides – which makes the mattress seem wider – without feeling as though you might roll off. The mattress delivers the same level of support on the sides as it does in the middle, and even when sitting on the side of the bed you feel supported. 

Ultimately, the Eve Premium Hybrid is a firmer mattress, and that may be a deal-breaker for some. But we say give it a chance. We’ve never had such consistently good sleep as we have in the last year on the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress.

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress: what did other people think?

Research the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress and you'll find a slew of almost-perfect review scores. Reviews praise comfort, support, long-lasting built quality, temperature regulation, and quality feeling materials. 

Most of the complaints aren't about the quality of the mattress: the higher price is a factor, as is the lack of size options currently available. A few people found the edge support lacking (others disagree on this), and some noted a lingering chemical smell. The latter is a risk with almost all memory foam mattresses, but it doesn't seem to effect all mattresses or all people. 

See how it compares to another big name luxury hybrid in our Eve Premium Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid Pro face-off. 

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review

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Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review: price

The Eve Premium Hybrid is a luxury mattress with a luxury price tag. At sticker price, it'll set you back £978 for a Double, £1,128 for UK King and £1,247. (Head to our 

So it's understandably pricier than all the 'original' hybrid offerings from the likes of Emma, Otty and Simba. However, when you compare it to other premium mattresses, it's about in line with what others are charging. It's cheaper than the Simba Hybrid Pro, and about in line with the Brook + Wilde Lux

But it's important not to focus too much on RRP, because the truth of the matter is you likely won't have to pay that price. Cheap mattress deals are common across all the big brands, and Eve is no exception. Head to our Eve mattress discount codes and deals page for the top current deal, plus an idea of what kind of price drops you can expect and when.

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review: verdict

If you're looking for a luxury hybrid that's on the firmer side, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is absolutely worth it. The softer top layers provide exceptional cushioning for a 'weightless' feeling sleep experience, it's very supportive right to the edges, and the temperature regulation is excellent. We think the motion isolation could be better, but other than that we have no complaints. If your budget stretches to this high-end model, the Eve Premium Hybrid is a strong recommendation.

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