E-Trends Trekker electric bike review: this cheap electric bike could be your perfect commute companion

E-Trends Trekker should appeal to those wanting to try out electric bikes, both on- and off-road. Here's our review

E-Trends Trekker
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T3 Verdict

The E-Trends Trekker is a sleek, reasonably light electric bike with a frame-integrated battery. It should have plenty of appeal for those who want to transition their journey from public transport to two wheels, and is also suited to off-roading.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Impressively lightweight

  • +

    Has unisex appeal

  • +

    Withstands sturdy trails

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Takes a while for the power boost to kick in

  • -

    Not many gears

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If you're looking for freedom and affordability, the E-Trends Trekker e-bike will allow you the freedom to explore your surroundings beyond the daily commute. E-Trends is a UK-based company that already has the folding Fly and the City model under its belt. The third addition to the range, the Trekker, has been launched to give riders the added bonus of exploring off-road with confidence and the satisfaction of getting a workout in without too much pedal power. 

The entry-level Trekker is clearly designed with flexibility in mind, and makes heading off on trails a tad less daunting if you're new to them. As affordable e-bikes go, it's a very solid option – but how does it compare to today's best electric bikes? Read on for our full E-Trends Trekker review.

On first impressions, the E-Trends Trekker bike is super sleek, stylish and sporty looking. It has a frame-integrated battery and the dipped tube appeals to both men and women – albeit perhaps of a sportier rider disposition. It's also easy to assemble, taking just minutes to put together.

From a price point of £1,199, the Trekker is a budget e-bike, which shows when you eventually get into the saddle. As a result, it doesn't have any fancy lights or even mudguards, but it does have a quick-release saddle and a kickstand. Put simply this is an easy-to-use, no-fuss bike.

The e-bike's seven-speed Shimano gears and range of up to 30 miles (depending on terrain, weight carried and level of assist) make it ideal for the daily weekday commutes while the 250W motor, lightweight aluminium alloy frame and robust 27.5-inch wheels with double-wall aluminium alloy rims make it a suitable fit for off-road adventures of a muddier kind in the countryside. 

The battery reassuringly clicks into place, although it doesn't have any weather sealing which may be a problem depending on how heavy any showers get during a ride. A full charge takes around four to five hours. 

E-Trends Trekker review

(Image credit: E-Trends)

The Trekker is a reasonably hefty 22kg. Obviously that is not ‘light' as such, but the flipside of that weight is that it feels reassuringly robust. 

The three-pedal power-assist modes give the rider assistance for speeds up to 15.5mph and allow you to determine just how quickly you reach that top speed. Stop pedalling, and the motor disengages, giving you full control of your ride. 

The motor is a bulky rear hub design that comes equipped with a controlled LCD display on the left handlebar. You have the speed, distance travelled and remaining battery life all at the touch of a button. 

But with a low price point comes fewer fancy add-ons. It has no integrated lights or mudguards, although it it does have a quick release saddle, a kick-stand and fairly comfortable handlebars.

On a basic manual level, the Trekker is a pleasant ride. The tyres had a good grip especially when on the trails and the cable operated disc brakes gave me confidence when off-trail. They sprang into action quickly with just a light gentle touch when on muddy terrain and sharp dips. 

The motor gives a positively strong boost on all three power-assist modes but level one assists only up to about 10 mph. Seven gears should be enough, but I felt the bike needed a lowest gear more suited to tackling hills with ease. And, if I'm being picky, a faster top gear as well. 

It takes the motor a while to kick in. You notice it mostly especially when you're likely to want to use it – at the start of a ride uphill. Hill startups I found rather tricky because the Trekker's engine is noticeably slow to kick in. You'll need to find some leg strength to power through until you've built up enough speed before the power kicks in. 

E-Trends Trekker

(Image credit: E=Trends)

If you're on a trail, that's not too much of a problem but if you're keen to avoid breaking a sweat during your daily commute to work, you may end up a tad flustered upon arriving at your destination. On the plus side, if you're looking to shed a few extra calories, you will definitely be putting some effort in before the motor finally takes over. 

However, when the motor does kick in, you'll definitely feel that welcome bolt of power come through. Once you're in assist-mode riding the bike is both enjoyable and effortless. 

You can alternate between the three pedal-assist modes on the handlebars while on the move. As long as you can keep up a good speed, the Trekker will give you decent enough power. 

If you are seeking to tackle tough terrain and muddy trails at the weekend alongside a weekday commute, the E-Trends Trekker, with its power boost, will give you the confidence you need. This entry-level e-bike is great for those starting to venture further afield than the roads in the hunt for some off-road exploration. However, it's also very suited to roads that are in less than pristine condition.

We may be coming out of lockdown but many people are taking intrepid steps and looking for alternative ways to commute. The two-wheel option is proving to be popular and as far as e-bikes go this one ticks many boxes if you're a newbie to e-biking.

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