You'll never guess how much your old tech is worth!

Stop hoarding your tech and start selling it. You could get a surprisingly nice cash stash…

This story is brought to you by Decluttr and is for our American readers only.

Want to sell your cell phones, games consoles, tablets, iPods, laptops and wearables? Then check out 

It’s the only website in the US where you can sell all of your unwanted tech at the same time, saving you precious time and money.

What’s more, it promises to pay the best price for your tech while also paying the fastest. With next-day payments, you get paid the day after your items arrive, either by PayPal, bank deposit or check. You can even donate your entire order value to charity.

They will give you an instant price for your tech and, as part of its Tech Price Promise , you’re guaranteed to get the first price they offer or you can request your items be sent back to you for free, the shipping being on Decluttr!

Better than auction sites

That is a refreshing change from auction websites and other private selling platforms that often charge hidden transaction fees and do not provide the same level of privacy, security and transparency as Decluttr.

You do not need to share your details with a random buyer, take pictures or prepare a listing. Likewise, you get one quote which you may accept or refuse and you don’t have to wait till the end of an auction (or if you have a buy-it-now price) to know how much money you will get.

If that wasn’t obvious, auction websites will charge at least 10% when you sell something through them with that percentage going up fast when you account for other fees and postage. Then there’s the risk of landing a scammer and the endless hoops to jump through to get your phone or the money back.

Even when you get your money, there’s always the chance that a buyer will become recalcitrant, arguing that an accessory is missing or the battery life is not good enough. Decluttr will pay more than the competition as long as your device switches on and works properly.

Don’t worry about the accessories (or the lack thereof), having them - or the original box - or not won’t affect your final payment. And you know what? You will even get paid for non working tech.

Beating buyback schemes

As a far better alternative to carrier buyback schemes, Decluttr pays on average 25% more plus it pays faster too, in cash (not credit). You get your entire payment in one transaction rather than spread out across billing cycles too.

Be wary of the free cell phone upgrades offered by carriers as well as they can tie you with your carrier for another two years. 

Free upgrades tend to be offered every year to entice existing customers to jump ship to a new smartphone model (usually the new iPhone or the new Samsung Galaxy) but you are better off selling your phone and using the money to upgrade outright.

To sum up, Decluttr is a fast, easy and free way to sell your unwanted tech. Not only do you get a guaranteed instant price, free shipping and fast next day payment but they pay one of the highest prices in the industry. It’s also a great alternative to carrier buyback schemes and private sales, plus it’s environmentally friendly.

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