Xpeng’s Land Aircraft Carrier is an insane six-wheeled EV and helicopter in one

Stuck in traffic? Get to the chopper!

Xpeng Aeroht Land Aircraft Carrier
(Image credit: Xpeng Aeroht)

Although likely not at the very centre of your automotive radar, Xpeng Motors is a Chinese car maker that produces some rather shapely saloons for its domestic market. Heck, the P7 even has boss level scissor doors. Google it.

But the company's side hustle is a little venture called Xpeng Aeroht, which produces concepts that would make Tony Stark blush. Its latest is a two-pronged, future-thinking attack that revolves around a flying SUV and this, the six-wheeled Land Aircraft Carrier.

Personally, we love how the blurb accompanying the release states the boxy, off-road MPV has "cyber-mechanical aesthetic", which is a beautifully eloquent way of skirting around the fact it looks just like a Tesla Cybertruck.

Xpeng Aeroht Land Aircraft Carrier

(Image credit: Xpeng Aeroht)

However, in reality the Land Aircraft Carrier makes Musk’s pick-up look totally sane.

The five-seater, six-wheel, three-axle beast boasts all-wheel-drive and all-wheel steering for exploring some seriously wild territories.

The additional axle at the rear is likely there to support the weight of the built-in "air module", which is a fully-electric piloted aircraft "capable of vertical takeoff and low-altitude flight," according to Xpeng.

Apparently, it also supports both manual and automatic driving modes, while the 270-degree panoramic two-person cockpit offers a vast field of view. It’s basically the ultimate sight-seeing tool.

Xpeng Aeroht Land Aircraft Carrier

(Image credit: Xpeng Aeroht)

Despite what you might be thinking, Xpeng Aeroht is completely serious about many of its concepts, as the company is already ploughing ahead with its eVTOL flying car, having already designed, tested and demonstrated a cutting-edge multi-parachute rescue system that deploys in the event of a technical hitch.

With regards to the Land Aircraft Carrier, Xpeng Aeroht feels it has uses beyond simply beating some traffic or achieving the best views of Cheddar Gorge. It says the vehicle "holds potential for public services, like emergency rescue, effectively catering to both public and private demands".

You heard it here first, guys. Watch the skies.

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