Windows 9 landing 30th September?

Tipsters reckon a dev release will ship in mere weeks

Next month's already chocka with tech launches, but Windows 9 might be joining the fray with its own surprise appearance...

Mark your calendars: new reports tip a Microsoft press event on the 30th September that will see the release of Windows 9, codename Threshold.

The Windows 8 sequel software's launch date has been rumoured to be fast-approaching for a while now, but this is the first we're hearing of a solid date.

Although sources say the unveiling will take place, it's likely that the release won't be for the general public.

Instead, September's Windows 9 release will be a developer preview that will give programmers a chance to get to grips with the new OS before a wider launch.

New features expected to appear in Windows 9 include the live start menu, alongside a possible appearance from Microsoft's Cortana AI software.

Earlier this month, Neowin reported that Cortana had been showing up in early Threshold builds, which means the voice-controlled assistant could be coming to the desktop.

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Source The Verge