Microsoft's Windows 9 desktop OS could be free

TIpsters reckon a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 users is likely

Windows 9 will reportedly be free – well, at least for some PC owners anyway.

With Windows 9's launch date getting closer and closer, more news and claims are emerging about Microsoft's next generation operating system.

The latest comes from Russian leaker WZOR, who claims that Microsoft will give Windows 9 away for free to Windows 8.1 users.

While WZOR didn't say that Windows 8 customers would get it for free, considering the update to 8.1 was free, it's likely they too will get the update for free – if the rumour turns out to be true.

The move would bring it into line with rival Apple. Apple has been giving away updates to its OS X operating system for the last couple of years.

Those who purchased a retail version of Windows 8 – or had it supplied to them by their IT reseller – will apparently have to pay $20 (£12) to upgrade to Windows 9.

Microsoft is also said to be planning an “awesome” incentive to get Windows XP holdouts to upgrade to its latest operating system.

No room for Metro

It wasn't just pricing information that WZOR claimed to have leaked.

According to the leaker, Microsoft will be dumping its much maligned Metro interface. We probably won't know until it is released though – Microsoft isn't planning to offer a test version of the new operating system, according to WZOR.

Another claim is that Microsoft isn't killing off its RT operating system just yet. Windows 9 RT will allegedly appear on the also unannounced Surface 3 tablet.

As for when we can expect it? Well, all eyes are still on next month.