WhatsApp is rolling out a bunch of new features you don't want to miss

Animated stickers, dark mode, and more on the way

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WhatsApp's new features are finally rolling out for all users, which means animated stickers, easier ways to add new contacts, dark mode for desktop, and support for larger groups on video calls. 

If you were in the beta programme, you'll already be familiar with some of these new bells and whistles, but if not, here's what you've got to look forward to in the new update that's making its way to a smartphone near you over the next few weeks. 

Animated stickers and dark mode

Animated stickers bridge the gap between GIFs and stickers, and offer up a way to express yourself when words (and emoji) just can't cut the mustard. Regular stickers launched 18 months ago, so you may already be familiar with them, but if you weren't using them before, the added animations may just tempt you. 

Dark mode only just came to iOS and Android users back in April, and now, it's being expanded to your PC with dark mode for WhatsApp web and desktop. It may have taken a while, but if you've been searing your retinas when using WhatsApp on your computer, this one's for you. 


Improved group video calls

Group calls on WhatsApp will now support up to eight people, rather than just four, thanks to an April update, making it a viable alternative to video calling apps like Zoom and Skype. It was still lacking though, with participants being reduced to tiny images on your phone screen.   

The latest update sees the addition of new features that will make the experience more intuitive, like quick zoom; you can now press and hold on any person on the call to see them in full-screen. A video icon has also been added in group chats of eight people or less, so you can initiate a group call with just one tap.     

QR codes

You know what a pain it is to add contacts to your phone? Not much of one, to be honest, but compared to typing in someone's name on a social media app and hitting follow, it feels like a bit of a rigmarole. 

Well, WhatsApp hears you and has solved this barely-there problem with the rollout of QR codes. Similar to the QR codes on Instagram, you can just scan your new friend's code displayed on their screen with your smartphone camera to add them to your contacts. It's that quick and easy! 

All of these features will be coming to the latest version of the App in the next few weeks, so make sure yours is up to speed, and you'll be firing off animated GIFs and cracking open your laptop in the middle of the night to enjoy dark mode before you know it.

Source: WhatsApp

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