Twitter #Music comes to Rdio

Users can now listen to music based on what's trending over on Twitter

Twitter #music charts are now available inside ad-free music streaming service, Rdio

Users of Rdio can now choose between a selection of playlists collated through Twitter's #music trending list.

The 15 playlists are split into genres such as Country, Rock, Folk, Unearthed, Rock as well as charts for Superstars and Popular.

Earlier this week Twitter released a Spotify app linked to the Twitter #Music site.

Twitter launched #music back in April this year as a music discovery service on the web and iOS devices.

It was revealed during the launch that the service would then roll out to Spotify and Rdio, Twitter has kept to its word.

The app features all the same playlists as have now been introduced to Rdio.

It is not clear whether all the playlists for each genre have been created based on user data from Twitter.

Following the launch of Twitter #Music it was reported that more Spotify links were tweeted using #Music than iTunes links.

Twitter's Android app for tablets leaked online earlier this month following its appearance on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition at IFA 2013.

To try out the new way to find new music head click here and sign in with your Twitter account.

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Source: Twitter Music