This kick-ass Oukitel phone has a whopping 15 day battery life

Cramming in a 10,000mAh battery could be the best phone maker move in years, again

What’s the one thing that’s not been significantly improved in smartphones pretty much ever? Yes, the headline gives it away, battery life. The Oukitel K10000 Pro does exactly that with a hefty 15 days life on a charge.

Oukitel has unveiled the K10000 Pro with a 10,000mAh battery that can not only last 15 days but charges to full in three and a half hours with its fast charger.

The specs aren’t hiding behind that battery alone as there’s plenty more tech. The Oukitel K10000 Pro sports a 5.5-inch Full Hd 1080p display under Gorilla Glass. Powering the handset is a MediaTek MT6750T processor and 3GB of RAM.

Further specs have not been announced but from the teaser image we can expect a leather finish. There also appears to be a fingerprint scanner on the rear and potentially a stylus. 

The original Oukitel K10000 featured 8-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras back in 2015 so expect the Pro model to be even better. 

Oukitel will start selling the K10000 Pro in June. While it’s not likely to get a UK specific release there will be online retailers where anyone can buy the mind-blowing battery life toting handset.

via The Verge