PureVPN has the best Black Friday VPN deal at an incredible $1.13 a month

PureVPN's Black Friday VPN deal is quite simply the best value offer available today, and our code TECH15 saves you even more cash

PureVPN Black Friday VPN deal
(Image credit: PureVPN)

Over the past few years, the best VPN providers have started cottoning on to shopping frenzy around Black Friday, and as such many offer their best deals around this time of year.

However, none of them can match PureVPN's quite frankly unbelievable Black Friday VPN deal. On its longest 5-year plan, it's dropping the price to just $79.95 all in. However, there's a little sweetener available too – add the code TECH15 at checkout and you'll save another 15%, bringing the monthly price down to a scarcely believable $1.13 a month, or $67.96 in total.

To put it into perspective, that's less than a number of other providers charge for just 1 year, and PureVPN is offering 5. To learn more about this deal, just keep on scrolling – and if you fancy a different provider, we'll give you a couple of alternatives at the end of the page.

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PureVPN | 5 years | $1.13/mo | Code: TECH15 (opens in new tab)
This isn't the first time PureVPN has slashed its price this low, but it's not something we see every day. If you're looking for reliable VPN cover for the cheapest possible price to stay safe online and stream more content, it's the perfect choice. Use code TECH15 to save an extra 15%.

Not sure if you'll get on with the service? PureVPN also offers a 31-day money-back guarantee, so you can thoroughly test out the service before you commit.

Why is this PureVPN Black Friday VPN deal so good?

Useful for streaming and with a good number of extra features including IPv6 leak protection and decent mobile apps, PureVPN is a good mid-range choice. However, what's going to be drawing you to this Black Friday VPN deal might not necessarily be PureVPN itself, but the ridiculously low price – apart from its five-year plan, PureVPN's not usually the very cheapest VPN, so this is a real turn-up.

However, we do understand that many people won't want to sign up for five years. If that's you, it's worth considering our #1-rated VPN, ExpressVPN. It's $6.67 a month (opens in new tab), which is fairly expensive, but definitely worth it, and the shorter plan gives a little more flexibility.

But, if you don't mind (or even prefer) committing to five years, this is a seriously good deal that works out cheaper overall than most plans that are far shorter. If it's for you, use the code TECH10 to save an extra 10% on the bargain five-year plan with PureVPN (opens in new tab).

Mo Harber-Lamond is VPN Editor at Tom's Guide, and contributor for T3. He focuses on cybersecurity content for Tom's Guide, and creates insightful content across the board to help readers make informed buying choices.