T3 Quick Hit: Upgrade your garden party with these Genoa Oil Copper Torches

Za Za Homes' new garden torches bring Game of Thrones-style flair to any summer affair

Now you can head out into your garden without fear of being drench in a flash downpour (*touches wood*), it's time to give your outdoor abode some love and attention. And bespoke outdoor furniture maker Za Za Homes has just the thing - a range of copper torches with genoa oil.

The garden torch is made from high grade aged copper to give fantastic presentation and longevity so it will not tarnish. The strong metal poles are finished with a zinc powder coating. You can spike into the ground or use one of Za Za Homes' bespoke solid bases for patio use. Each one features a fibre glass wick as standard for long lasting use in your garden.

Available either as a single torch (retailing at £56 each) or as a set of four (£209), you can order your own today direct from Za Za Homes.

If these torches are a little tall for your garden, there's always the more diminutive but no less striking Genoa Oil Mini Copper Torch. 

Simply fill it up with Citronella or another Paraffin based oil, and you're good to go in time for those balmy summer evenings. It's also made from high quality copper, and can be ordered from Za Za Homes for only £39.

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