Sharp’s new compact soundbar delivers affordable Dolby Atmos

Sharp's new soundbar offers an impressive specification for an impressively low price

Sharp HT-SB700 soundbar
(Image credit: Sharp)

If you're looking for one of the best soundbars but don't have a big TV or want to spend a lot of money, Sharp's new HT-SB700 soundbar could be the audio upgrade you've been waiting for. It's a very compact, very affordable Dolby Atmos soundbar with good connectivity and plenty of power.

The HT-SB700 is a 2.0.2 setup. That means there are two front-firing, full range drivers to handle the stereo stage, and there are a further two upwards-firing full-range speakers to deliver the height that you want in a Dolby Atmos soundtrack or song. The built-in amp delivers 140W of power, so it's more than loud enough for your front room unless you live in a castle.

Sharp's new soundbar: small footprint, small price

The HT-SB700 has been designed specifically for smaller spaces and smaller TVs, and it's just 52cm across. That's about 14cm shorter than the Sonos Beam 2. And it's much cheaper than the Sonos Beam 2 too, coming in with an RRP of just £199 compared to £399 for the Sonos. Of course I'm not comparing two identical specifications here – the Sonos is a more premium soundbar – but it does demonstrate just how keenly priced the new Sharp soundbar is.

In terms of connectivity you're looking at Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC and AAC for streaming, and the HDMI port has both eARC and CEC control. Round the back you'll find optical and aux inputs.

Using either the supplied remote or the on-speaker controls you can change the EQ by adjusting bass and treble or by using one of the five supplied presets: Movie, Music, Voice, Night and no EQ.

We haven't reviewed this soundbar yet but it'll be interesting to see and hear how it compares to our current best soundbar pick for budget buyers, the Yamaha SR-C20A. That got the full five stars in our in-depth review, and while it doesn't have the power or the up-firing drivers of the new Sharp we were impressed by its sound (and hated its remote). It's currently retailing for slightly less than the Sharp, although the soundbar is currently in short supply.

The new Sharp HT-SB700 is available now for £199.99.

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