Motorola boss: Samsung could be the next tech giant to fall

Motorola’s President reckons Samsung may suffer the same fate as Nokia and BlackBerry

Samsung may be on top of the tech industry for now, but Motorola thinks its position could be short-lived.

The likes of BlackBerry and Nokia were formerly big names in the smartphone world, but now find themselves on the fringes of the industry struggling to make a profit.

Nowadays it's generally a two-horse race between Apple and Samsung, however the latter has been tipped to fall next by Motorola President and CCOO Rick Osterloh.

“Every seven years, the person who's been on top of the market has gone away,” he said in a recent interview.

Speaking with Forbes, Osterloh reportedly stated 'Samsung could be next'.

He added: “We are going through one of those fascinating shifts where people are starting to realize that you don't need to pay $600 for a top-tier phone to get a top-tier experience,” he said. “We are an alternative to other premium brands at a much better value. We are very confident in our approach.”

Osterloh believes Lenovo-owned Motorola has the right tactics to succeed, by packing premium specs into budget handsets, particularly in up and coming markets like China.

“You can't be a global smart phone player if you are not big in China,” he stated. “We get to take advantage of the vast scale of Lenovo in China. It's an amazing opportunity for us.”

Despite Motorola's prediction, Samsung will inevitably steal the headlines when it debuts the Galaxy S6 on March 1.