Microsoft's new Surface is 'just' a laptop

No tablet bit in sight, although there is a touchscreen on Surface Laptop

Microsoft has premiered a new laptop - the Surface Laptop, to be precise. But unlike previous Surfaces there's no tablet mode, though there is a promise of more-than-all-day battery life - up to 14.5 hours. 

The tablet is touch though, as you'd expect from a device running Windows 10,  so it's still OK to call it a Surface we reckon. But there is a little difference as the new device will come with the streamlined Windows 10 S, a new but restricted version of Windows that uses apps from the Windows Store. 

The Surface Laptop comes in four colours and can be ordered now, starting at $999 (around £770 GBP). It's expected to arrive by 15 June and works with the Surface pen. 

The laptop was announced at Microsoft's education event, but though Microsoft talked up the new device's physical strength it can't end up being just a student machine due to the specification; it has the latest-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors under the hood. 

There's also the Surface Book's 13.5-inch PixelSense display on board, as well (3.4 million pixels). There's a new touch module on board, which Microsoft claims is the world's thinnest.  

Microsoft's Panos Panay claims you won't find a single seam or screw anywhere and it only weighs a mere 1.2 Kg or 2.76 pounds. The laptop is made of magnesium alloy and Alcantara material (similar in feel to suede) imported from Italy. 

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