Microsoft wants to emulate Android Wear success

The tech giant wants to dethrone Google’s OS with Windows 10

Microsoft has big plans for its upcoming Windows 10 OS, but not just for smartphones and PCs, but also in the world of wearables.

Microsoft has confirmed plans to delve deeper into the wearables space, after debuting its first wrist-borne gadget in 2014 with the Microsoft Band.

In a recent interview with TrustedReviews, the tech giant suggested that Windows 10 is the ace up its sleeve, and has been tailored to work across a broad range of wearables.

“We're very interested in the wearables space and you will continue to see us in it,” said Greg Sullivan, Microsoft's Marketing Director for Windows Phone.

In a different interview with CNBC; when asked whether the company was looking to become the go-to smartwatch operating system, Sullivan said: "In short, yes."

Microsoft is hoping to takeover Android Wear, Google's wearable OS that's become the go-to platform for device manufacturers.

One of the key features that Microsoft is banking on is called "Universal App.” The system enables developers to easily create apps which will run across all Windows devices, whether it be a smartphone, PC, or wearable device.

Sullivan said the feature would appeal to developers and ultimately help Windows 10 become the most attractive OS for wearables.

"We expect the ability to write one app in the Windows 10 timeframe to become a higher priority in the mobile space," he added.

We'll know more about Windows 10 and Microsoft's wearable plans on April 29, when the company's annual Build conference kicks off.