Microsoft Cortana images leak

It's looking increasingly likely WP8's Siri rival will be named after Halo's AI

Microsoft's voice-based personal assistant could be called Cortana, according to reports.

The digital assistant currently has the codename of Cortana, but it was unclear if Microsoft was planning on actually taking the name to market.

The first images of the personal assistant have been leaked.

Cortana is the name of the artificial intelligence in Microsoft's hit video game series Halo. It has been pitched as Microsoft's answer to Apple's Siri.

According to reports, the name still may not make it into the final product. However, the latest leaked screenshots suggest that Microsoft has adopted the name throughout the app.

The voice-activated assistant will use services such as Bing and Foursquare to source information. It will also be able to store searches and search results in a notebook to make future searches more relevant and faster.

Users will also be able to change what Cortana calls them – in a similar way to Apple's Siri.

Microsoft is expected to unveil Cortana at its Build event next month. Nokia is also expected to unveil a new flagship smartphone – codenamed Martini – which may be the first device to run Windows Phone 8.1.

Via: The Verge