LexisNexis launches iPad app for Will writing

Where there's an iWill, there's an iWay

LexisNexis, the legal research company, has launched a Will writing app on Apple's iPad that'll help you set your affairs in order

The free LawyerLocator Will Writer app presents users with a questionnaire that, once completed, creates a last will and testament which can then be bought for £29.99.

The app will send the completed will to either one of its trusted lawyers or your own lawyer for review.

According to research undertaken by LexisNexis, 66 per cent of Britons don't have a will, with a major reason for not doing so being the cost involved.

“It's a sensitive issue, but if people don't leave a will it can cause a lot of additional, and unnecessary, heartache for loved ones. With the LawyerLocator Will Writer app users can create their will while waiting for a train, meeting or wherever convenient," said Julian Morgan, head of automation services at LexisNexis UK.

"Not only is it about making people's lives easier, it's about providing great ease of access to legal services. Our new app removes many of the complexities of writing a will and uses a simple question and answer process to produce a version tailored to each user's needs at minimum cost.”

You can download the app here to get started on dividing up your substantial estate - before you get hit crossing the street or something.