LA Noire 2 on the way

Take Two says new game is start of "powerful franchise"

2011's hottest game so far looks like it's just the beginning.

LA Noire 2 is looking like a dead cert after the boss of publisher Take Two talked up the best-selling title's franchise credentials. During a call with investors, CEO Strauss Zelnick said, “We have every reason to believe that LA Noire is another strong franchise for this company. We do see this as a powerful new franchise."

Zelnick added that sales of LA Noire had been “exceedingly strong”, despite the game only being on shelves for less than a week. It's been critically lauded for its in-depth storyline, stunning graphics and facial-tracking, which makes characters more realistic than ever.

The chances of a sequel coming sooner rather than later have already been talked up by developer Team Bondi, which said a new version of the game wouldn't take as long to make as the original. LA Noire took seven years to complete.

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Via Eurogamer