D-Link connects everything to everything else

Mydlink Home kit joins ever-growing ranks of connected home hardware

Nervous home owners now have a new way to reduce their urban paranoia levels. The Mydlink Home system lets you monitor your mansion AND switch things on and off in it.

Hot on the heels of the Withings Home, here a slightly dowdier but no less high tech Home: the Mydlink Home from D-Link.

Comprising of a brace of a security cameras - the tilt-and-pannable Home Monitor 360 and the immobile Home Monitor HD - the self-explanatory Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, the Home Smart Plug and the Mydlink app, which receives Home gear alerts and lets you monitor and activate/deactivate electricals in your home.

Examples suggested by D-Link range from the sensible - a lamp that turns on via the Smart Plug when motion is detected by your Home Monitor camera - to the slightly mad - you can tune in to a Home Monitor camera to see if the iron is still on, and then deactivate it. Well, so long as you've put every square inch of your pad under Mydlink surveillance, and plugged your iron into a Smart Plug socket.

These products follow hot on the heels of the same sub-brand's Home Music Everywhere streamer. It means D-Link devices can now theoretically turn on just about everything in your house, though not, by and large, control things beyond that - that's where IFTTT will eventually come into its own, with kit springing into life when it detects it's been turned on.

It's got to be said, these are notably less attractive than Withings' devices. Still, the proof is in the using with these things, really, and rest assured we'll have a review as soon as D-Link comes up with the goods.

Pricing is as follows: Home Monitor HD £91, Home Monitor 360 £95, Home Smart Plug £41, Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor £36.50, Home Music Everywhere $45.50

For further info, closely monitor and turn on HERE.