Believe your eyes: why OLED is like nothing you’ve seen before

How Philips OLED+ 4K Ultra HD TVs change the game completely

There’s real, and then there’s Philips OLED+ real. You’ve never seen a TV deliver pictures like this. Blacks are blacker, colours brighter, highlights more vivid – and thanks to Philips’ incredible Ambilight technology, the emotion doesn’t stop at the edge of the screen.

OLED vs LED: the difference is dramatic

Many TVs offer 4K resolution, but few of them use OLED technology. OLED is much better, and the difference is dramatic. Where traditional LED displays are backlit, every pixel in an OLED TV can be dimmed or switched off individually. 

That means much deeper blacks and much more vibrant colour. You’ll see detail on a Philips OLED+ TV that lesser sets smother, and thanks to its wide angle display you’ll see that detail from wherever you’re sitting. 

It’s not just about the pixels, important as they are. It’s also about the processor. Philips OLED+ 4K Ultra HD TVs have the second generation of the Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine. 

That uses something called Perfect Natural Reality processing to deliver incredibly smooth motion and realistic skin tones: whether it’s a subtle highlight or a deep shadow, details are reproduced with an accuracy approaching that of the human eye. It’s the most lifelike display you’ve ever seen.

Let there be light

There’s nothing quite like Philips’ Ambilight to make everything more immersive. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie or playing a game, intelligent LEDs around the rear edges of the TV deliver perfectly tuned ambient lighting to match the mood. 

They cast coloured light onto the surrounding walls, and that light continually changes to precisely match what’s happening on screen. The effect is mesmerising.

Philips OLED+ 4K TVs sound as good as they look too. An exclusive speaker design from audio legends Bowers & Wilkins uses front-facing titanium tweeters and glass fibre mid-range drivers plus a rear sub-woofer with dual passive radiators to deliver room-filling sound with incredible clarity and that all-important low-end kick. 

With a wide dynamic range you’ll hear every detail, even when the volume’s turned down. With DTS-HD Premium Sound it’s the perfect partner for the on-screen action.

Smart thinking

The beauty of a Philips OLED+ TV is more than skin deep. It’s smart, with Google Assistant integration (from January 2019) so that you can control everything with your voice. 

And by everything we mean everything: you can command your Google Assistant-compatible smart home devices, so for example you might settle down to watch a movie and get Google to dim the lights and turn down the thermostat. 

And thanks to twin tuners, on-demand video, the integrated Google Play Store and the Philips App Gallery, there’s always something to entertain you.

Don’t just take our word for it. The Philips OLED 9 Series of ultra-slim 4K UHD TVs has won a ton of awards and five-star reviews. Home Cinema Choice said it’s “in a league of its own. And it sounds superb.” 

Meanwhile Techradar thought “its 4K pictures are so crisp and detailed they almost look like 8K” and praised its “outstanding” sound system and “gorgeous, Ambilight-supported design.” 

Philips OLED+ 4K UHD TVs are a feast for the senses, offering incredible images alongside amazing audio and the very latest in TV tech. To find more about the range, and fantastic customer service, visit here.

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