Archos Android tablet: Archos 101 10-inch tab on sale now

£270 for 8GB 10-inch slate... Where do we sign?

iPad botherer lands at highly competitive price

Archos has been making tablets in some form or another for years… even before it was cool. You'd expect that experience to shine through on the company's latest venture, then – a 10.1-inch Android tablet jostling to compete with the iPad.

So what are we looking at? Aside form the aforementioned screen size, the Archos 101 comes running Android 2.2 out of the box (with Flash support), has Bluetooth, a chassis just 12mm thin and an HDMI output for sharing video with your TV. It comes in miniscule 8GB or 16GB flavours, although that can thankfully be bolstered via SD card.

The damage is £269.99 for the lesser model and £299.99 for the 16GB, which puts it comfortably at the low end of the current tablet cost spectrum. Given Archos' decent reputation, don't go thinking that this is a budget tab of the same ilk as the wholly disappointing joojoo. We'll have a full review soon, just to be sure.

You can order yourself an Archos 101 here.