Amazon’s next Fire tablet to drop for less than £50

Reports claim a $50 6-inch tablet is in the pipeline

Amazon is ready to lay siege to the cheap tablet space by releasing a new $50 (£32.50) variant of its Fire tablet.

First flagged up by the Reuters, the tablet will come complete with a 6-inch screen, mono speaker and a price tag that makes the Amazon Fire tablet's $99 (£79) fee look expensive.

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Amazon has yet to comment on the reports and it's thought that the low-end tablet may come in 8-inch and 10-inch variants to satisfy those that will claim the 6-inch version is little more than a phablet.

Right now the cheapest tablet in Amazon's lineup is the Fire HD 6 that has a 6-inch HD display, quad-core processor, front and rear cameras, Wi-Fi and 8GB of space, for the aforementioned $99 (£79) price-tag. It does, however, come with Amazon's special offers that means ads do pop-up as a screensaver but for the price it's one of the most reasonable choices out there.

What a $50 tablet would mean for the Fire HD 6 is unclear and it's possible that current tablet will offer an HD screen whereas the 6-inch variant boasts an SD screen. Reports have so far been unable to confirm whether the cheaper version will also have ads as a screensaver.

Amazon has been constantly bringing down the price of various elements of its Fire line-up to encourage more people to take advantage of its Prime offering with the Fire TV Stick possessing advanced in-home streaming for just £35. Combine that with a $50 and it's a mighty enticing offering.