World Cup 2018: 7 pieces of awesome tech that will make your home THE place to enjoy the tournament

From TVs and soundbars to fridges and lighting, this is the tech to make the World Cup better

World Cup 2018
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The World Cup is just around the corner, or is that around the goal post? Either way, it’ll be here soon and this year you’ll be able to enjoy it on the right TV in such high quality it’ll be like you’re there. Only better, as you can be with all your friends, near your well-stocked fridge and without worry about queuing for the toilet, hopefully.

It’s not just a great TV to watch the World Cup on that will make the experience, of course. You’ll need backup if you want to make your place the go-to spot to watch the game this year. 

We’ve accessed our deepest tech know-how to come up with the key seven items that you can get in to make sure this is the best World Cup ever for you and those lucky enough to join you.

1. The ultimate World Cup TV is a 4K must-have

World Cup Hisense TV

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This year the World Cup will be aired in glorious 4K resolution. Not only that but it’ll be filmed in HDR, too. That should mean this is the most lifelike airing of any World Cup in history. So it’d be a shame to miss that by not having a TV capable of doing the picture quality justice.

One of the best ways to enjoy sport is on an OLED TV. These are famed for superfast refresh rates that will mean no blur around players. OLED screens are also rich in colours so the level of lifelike immersion can be at its highest. Of course these are nearly all 4K and HDR powered, too, these days so you can enjoy high resolution detail to recognise very player easily. Since HDR offers a great range of light and dark that should help to make the ball clearer than ever.

Note that while the games are shot in 4K and HDR, ITV owns some and BBC owns some others. Only the Beeb has tested 4K and HDR (HLG) live sport so far, via its iPlayer beta. So fingers crossed.

Now you can pick up a high-end OLED TV, like the virtually bezel-free 55-inch LG OLED55B7V for £1,499. Or if your budget doesn’t stretch to that there are LED options like a Hisense TV, which is a company that makes high-spec televisions for low prices. The 4K and HDR 65-inch Hisense H65N5750, despite being larger, is cheaper at £699.

2. Hear every cheer with a soundbar

LG SJ7 soundbar

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Modern TVs are beautifully slim, but that usually means sound is somewhat lacking. A soundbar is a way to pump up the volume without taking up too much room. More space for extra mates and snacks then.

To hear the atmosphere of a crowd, a big part of watching any game, you need volume and bass. Thankfully, most soundbars come with a subwoofer which takes care of that low end rumble to make you feel like you’re really in the stadium.

Soundbar options range from the higher-end 320W LG SJ7 at £499, which splits into two speakers, to the more affordable but good looking curved Samsung HW-M4501 at £269. Both come with Bluetooth so you can bang out some tunes from your phone in the advert breaks.

3. Keep the beers cold and snacks fresh

Samsung G-Series fridge

(Image credit: Samsung)

A fridge freezer is a gift from the gods. What would we have without it? Warm beer? Rotten meat? So don’t take any risks if yours is due for a replacement. Not only does a new fridge freezer mean greater temperature efficiency but it can also mean more space and, in some cases, even an option to chill beer and wine faster.

If you want to go big then a Samsung G-Series RSG5UCRS American style fridge at £999 is a great option. You get 615 litres of space, a water and ice dispenser for drinks and circulated air to keep everything fresh for longer. Or get a brand like Hotpoint for a low price of £269 for a 235 litre Hotpoint First Edition RFAA52S 50/50 fridge freezer.

4. Create the right mood

Philips Hue

(Image credit: Philips)

Getting up to turn the lights on and off during the game as people come and go can be a hassle. Smart lights solve this by letting you do it all from your phone. You can even change the colour on many, meaning you can control the mood before, during and after the game. Your mates won’t even notice or know why that game felt so immersive.

Smart lights range from the Philips Hue White Double Pack at £44 to the Hive Active Light White for £12. Bear in mind some do need router adapters to work so make sure you’re going for all of the same kind, ideally.

5. Make the cleanup easier

Bosch dishwasher

(Image credit: Bosch)

There will be snacks. There will be mess. You will be tired just as you need to get tidying. So plan ahead, get a dishwasher, and let that take care of cleaning up all those mucky glasses and snack bowls left lying all over the house.

Go super affordable with an Indesit Eco Time DFG15B1 for £209 with a good 13 place settings worth of space, or splash out on a Bosch Serie 6 SPS59T02GB for £449 with super efficient A+ energy rating and a three times faster washing and drying mode.

6. Dish up hot food without the hassle

Bosch microwave

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If the football is an excuse for a knees-up then you’re going to need to get proper food in your guests if you want to avoid a potential mess. No, not crisps. Hot food. Yes, that can be hassle with oven preheating and trays and the like. So get a microwave. Or upgrade yours to a higher wattage model for faster food.

There are also microwaves with grills built in, so even a cheese toasty can be on your menu. The Bosch HMT75G451B is a great option at £139.

7. Clean up more quickly

Dyson V8

(Image credit: Dyson)

The aftermath of a football game can be daunting. So call in reinforcements in the form of a decent vacuum cleaner. Those crisp crumbs aren’t going to collect themselves.

If you can afford it go for a Dyson cordless, like a V8 at £399, as it has tonnes of suction without the weight. Otherwise respectable alternatives like the £99 Vax Slimvac TBTTV1B1 with 24 minute runtime could be a helpful affordable option.

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