I tried the unusual UE earbuds that mould to your ear and I actually really liked them

The Ultimate Ears UE Fits use clever light-forming technology to give you the perfect seal for your ears

Ultimate Ears UE Fits
(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

The best true wireless earbuds aren't always the most comfortable, especially in comparison to the best noise-cancelling headphones that sit snugly over the top of your ears. 

More often than not, in-ear buds come with 3 or 4 sizes of silicone tips to choose from, and while you'll be able to find a size that will roughly fit inside your ear, they rarely provide the perfect seal. I'm sure most people can relate to that. 

Ultimate Ears, usually known for its brilliant budget speakers, has released its first pair of earphones and they take a completely different approach. Instead of providing different ear tips, the UE Fits use light-forming technology to mould the buds to your unique ear shape. 

What that means is they have a gel inside the silicone tips which shapes them to your ears and then gets hardened by light. You need to start the process in the adjoining UE Fits smartphone app and hold them in place, it's all very clever and takes about 60 seconds all in all.

The result? Actually, very comfortable earbuds that stay securely in place no matter what. This isn't just a gimmick, it actually works quite well! I kept them in for a few hours during the day, and while working out in the evening and could really feel the difference compared to regular in-ear headphones. 

Not only that but the personalised seal really helps the audio along too, making them sound punchy and energetic. And while there may not be any ANC here, the passive noise cancellation does a great job of keeping distracting noises out so you can keep your focus on the music. 

Granted not everyone will be a fan of the design, the way the stem reaches above and below the bud makes them look bulkier than elsewhere and the build quality of the case could definitely be improved. Others might be looking for some features you won't get here like dedicated ANC, wireless charging or multipoint connectivity. But if comfort is your main priority then these will do you very well. 

You can buy the Ultimate Ears UE Fits now direct from the UE website starting from $199 in the US and £199.99 in the UK. 


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