White iPhone 4 video leaks with new iOS and spotlight

Much anticipated smartphone may contain a few updates

Apple seem to be offering a 64GB storage capacity version as well

Details of the soon to be released white iPhone 4 appear to have leaked via a YouTube video showing a handset with upgraded iOS and spotlight search.

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T3 Tech Videos


In the clip made by prolific leaksters Tinhte, a “test version” of iOS is displayed with a brand new multitasking menu which swaps the current use of apps’ icons to represent tasks with a visual of each app’s open window.

Furthermore, this is accompanied by a new “Search iPhone” dialog at the top of that screen which transports users into a similar looking Spotlight search to its current incarnation.

At present, T3 is unable to establish how legitimate the featured operating system is meaning we could just be looking an accomplished jailbreak mod.

A second video showcasing the handset’s hardware however, points to the software’s validity given the presence of the Touch Fighter app which Apple built to show off the capabilities of earlier iPhones. The video also displays a 64GB storage capacity on the phone’s Settings menu.

Do you think we are looking at the new iOS 5, an unreleased version of iOS 4 or the handiwork of a nerd with too much time on his hands? Let us know via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via: Engadget