Skype for Sony PS Vita out tomorrow

Long-awaited video calling now available on PS Vita

Skype is tomorrow releasing its full version of Skype for PS Vita enabling the handheld console to send and receive video calls via WiFi or 3G

Skype for PlayStation Vita is now available in the UK with gamers able to download the video-calling app straight to their console via the PlayStation Network.

The app enables users to utilise both the front and the back camera and will let you message as well as send and receive calls.

It runs in the background as well which means that even if you get a call while playing a game the game will pause, let you take the call and then carry on where you left off when you're done.

Available tomorrow the app will run via both WiFi and over 3G which means you'll be able to call anyone from any location providing you've bagged yourself a 3G Sony PS Vita.