Motorola Xoom price slashed

Wi-Fi model drops by $100 across the pond

Will UK gadget fans also be getting price cut?

Motorola has cut the price of its Xoom Wi-Fi tablet in the US, knocking $100 off of the price of the entry-level Wi-Fi model. It now costs $499, matching the most basic iPad 2.

In an official tweet, Motorola said, “Looking to save some money? Motorola XOOM with Wi-Fi now only $499. Order now.” However, there’s no news on whether the 3G version will also be coming down in price.

The drop will be seen as a bitter pill for Moto to swallow, but a necessary one seeing as the iPad 2 is taking all before it and a slew of new Android slates have hit shelves since its debut. Chatter about the release of a Xoom 2 before the end of 2011 is already rife.

Sadly, Moto has not confirmed whether this price drop will be coming across the pond to us here in Blighty. Here’s hoping.

Via Business Insider