Kinect beta shows new Xbox 360 dashboard

Leaked shots show upgrade plans despite secrecy agreements

New Avatar editor and chance to see Kinect in action thanks to beta testers.

Microsoft’s Kinect beta plans were shown to all the world just a fortnight ago. And now the first gamers to get involved with the tests have unleashed a welter of spy shots which show the new-look Xbox 360 dashboard that’s being primed alongside the motion control camera.

There’s a new Avatar editor, as well as a tweaked look to the tiles which you’ll be able to flick through with the wave of your hand. There’s also a new mini-guide to get to grips with.

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Games included with the beta programme include Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Adventures. The camera control system isn’t due out here in Blighty until 10 November 2010.

Microsoft is bound to be livid that these pics have leaked, especially as those involved had signed non-disclosure agreements. While you wait to get the update and decide whether to drop your hard-earned on Kinect, have a gander at these pictures.

Via Joystiq