iPhone 4: Bumper cases crack phone's glass back?

Latest design oversight can cause iPhone to shatter

Another scratch on the surface of the iPhone 4 design.

It's been a bumpy ride to the top for Apple's iPhone 4. First there was that signal problem, caused by customers with the audacity to hold their phones in a non-Apple-approved position; then there was the leaked "no free bumpers" memo, the reported screen discolouration, the not-as-tought-as-you-said-it-was glass casing, the truth about retina display, and then one caught fire.

The latest reported bugbear for Apple to deal with is reportedly an amalgamation of two of the above, namely the signal problem and the glass casing. According to Gdgt.com, some of the cases bought to protect the iPhone from damage (and signal drops) can get grit on the inside, which is then in constant contact with the iPhone's glass back. Over time, this causes scratches, which can spread accross the iPhone's glass back like a chip in a windscreen. The claim is that this can cause your iPhone to look like this.

These claims come at an interesting time for Apple, whose eventual free-bumpers-for-those-affected-by-the-signal-loss-deathgrip promotion ended recently. And with rumours printed in the Wall Street Journal about a possible early launch of the next iPhone sometime in Q1 2011, have the iPhone 4's design issues finally grown too numerous for even Apple to brush under the rug?

Via: Gdgt.com

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