Error 3200: iOS 5 release hit by issues due to demand

Error 3200 greets 'hundreds of thousands' of users looking to download iOS 5

Apple struggles to meet iOS 5 download demand as 'hundreds of thousands' of iPhone, iPad and iPod users are greeted by an Error 3200 message and continued delays

Apple fans were hit with an iOS 5 error 3200 message today as they attempted to download the tech giant's latest mobile operating system. It is believed the company’s servers were swamped by demand, causing thousands of users to face continued error messages.

The Error 3200 message greeted ‘hundreds of thousands’ of users across the globe as they attempted to update their existing Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods to iOS 5, ahead of the Apple iPhone 4S release date set to take place tomorrow, October 14th.

According to Apple’s support pages a 3200 error is caused by “a network-connectivity or traffic issue.” The Cupertino-based company advised: “If you see this error, wait an hour or more and try again.”

iOS 5 Features

A comprehensive overhaul of the Apple operating system, iOS 5 introduces more than 200 new features including full Twitter integration, a drop down notifications menu and the new Newsstand application which plays host to T3’s iPad app.

Available to download now the issues which affected the start of the iOS 5 downloads appears to have now been rectified.

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