Apple iPhone 4 gets 3D upgrade with the Hasbro my3D

Get your retro 3D thrills with modern day gear

3D apps are coming to your iPhone and iPod Touch

Soon you’ll be able to give your iPhone or iPod Touch the 3D treatment, using the Hasbro my3D, which will turn said device into a 21st century Viewmaster.

All you do is slot your iPhone or iPod Touch into the back, then download some compatible apps. The Hasbro my3D then shows images from the apps side by side, creating a stereoscopic effect, and effectively adding a third dimension to your Apple device.

As well as spin-offs from Dreamworks’ animated films, there are plans for virtual travel apps as well as ‘experiences’ like scuba diving. With the promise of the app adjusting to whichever way you face, creating a 360 degree experience, it actually starts to sound quite enticing.

The Hasbro my3D will be on sale in the US next Spring for $30, there’s no word yet on a UK launch.

Via: Yahoo News