Apple iPhone 4 free case offer to end September 30th

Apple to stop giveaway of antenna fixing iPhone cases

Antennagate 'fix' to end this month

Apple has declared that it will cease offering free cases with its flagship smartphone handset the Apple iPhone 4 when the current free accessory offer ends later this month on September 30th.

Initially introduced as a fix to the antenna issues that plagued the handsets launch the selection of free cases will be disbanded and the company’s standard 30 day full refund returns policy will be reinstated despite concerns that the risk of dropped calls still remains.

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The issue which arose when the lower left corner of the latest iPhone handset was covered resulting in vanishing signal, dropped calls and lost internet was initially disregarded by the Cupertino based, fruity tech company before the free case ‘fix’ was introduced.

In a statement made on the end to the free case offer an Apple spokeswoman said: "We now know that the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought."

Whilst it has been suggested that Apple has been making subtle but essential alterations to iPhone 4 handsets now coming off the production line, the popularity of the device does not seem to have been affected by the antennagate fiasco. Apple’s decision to end the free cases offer, a deal that is said to have cost the company millions of dollars, could be reflected by this continued and unwavering consumer support.

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