Apple iOS clock bug returns as US daylight savings begins

Glitch turns iPhone clocks back instead of forward

iOS glitch means iPhone users miss morning alarms, again

Apple’s mobile operating system iOS has seen iPhone users hit by a reoccurring glitch as devices fail to correctly handle the switch in American daylight savings time.

Having first struck at the last clock change before failing to initiate alarms at the turn of the New Year, the iOS clock bug is now reported to have turned the time of user’s iPhones back by one hour instead of forward, resulting in thousands of people missing alarms and causing inconvenience to many.

Whilst the issue can reportedly be solved simply by turning the device off and then on again, or alternatively briefly switching on flight mode, both of which solutions are of no use to those who have already missed appointments due to the glitch, it was believed recent iOS updates and patches had removed the error.

With UK clocks set to make the one hour forward move in two weeks time, during the early hours of Sunday 27th March, it is currently unknown whether the issue will affect UK iPhone users. Deleting all alarms and creating new waking alerts has been declared as one way to potentially circumnavigate the issues and be woken promptly following the clock change.

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Via: Telegraph