£300 Gran Turismo 5 wheel incoming

Pricey add-on in the works.

Clearly the epic wait for GT5 has caused some peripheral makers to take temporrary leave of their senses. Because Thrustmaster is working on a steering wheel for the PS3 flagship that will cost an eye-watering £300.

Dubbed the T500RS, it's already been bigged up by the man behind the GT series, Kazunori Yamauchi, on Twitter. He said it, “… is a high-quality, premium steering wheel. You can feel the delicate and rich feel of the steering.”

The T500RS is said to pack in three pedals, with Yamauchi adding it packed, “high-speed processing at low latency." Anyone would think these guys were taking driving cars around at epic speeds on your console just a tad too seriously.

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Via Eurogamer