This Lenovo Smart Assistant speaker comes with Amazon Alexa

This affordable beauty should give Amazon Echo some competition

Lenovo has revealed a new standing and listening speaker it calls Smart Assistant which comes with the Amazon Alexa smart voice-controlled assistant built-in.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant comes with eight microphones (as opposed to Amazon Echo’s seven) and can pick up voice commands from up to 16-feet away. The device has physical volume controls and an activation button for commands but there is no sign of a mute button.

Thanks to the Alexa smart assistant technology users will be able to call out to the Smart Assistant speaker and have it carry out commands. 

On the Echo, which already uses Alexa, commands include playing music, controlling the home’s thermostat, asking for commute times, turning smart lighting on and off, taking memos and much more thanks to IFTTT compatibility.

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The Lenovo Smart Assistant will come in light grey, black, green, blue or orange base variants at a starting price of $130 which is about £105. 

That makes this cheaper than the £150 Amazon Echo and Google Home. There is also a version of the Smart Assistant with quality Harman Kardon speakers for $180 which is about £145.

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