T3 Agenda: Three bags the rights to the Lenovo P2, classic turntable maker Dual returns to the UK and more

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In today's edition of the T3 Agenda... Lenovo's affordable P2 smartphone comes to the UK (and Three bags exclusive rights), classic German turntable manufacturer Dual finally returns to the UK and a slew of fitness-focused tech.

Want to get your hands on a Lenovo P2? Three is the magic number

Lenovo's new smartphone has certainly proved popular since its launch in Asia last year, and now the big batteried dog and bone is making its way to UK shores - with Three partnering up to become the only place to buy one in the country.

The Lenovo P2's big selling point is a huge 5100mAh battery, which is powerful enough to last up to three days. Three DAYS! That's a lot of texting, tweeting and browsing Netflix all from the comfort of your smartphone.

The device also features rapid charging, giving 10 hours of battery life in as little as 15 minutes. This productivity power-house also acts as a portable charger for other devices with USB on-the-go charging, offering a convenient power solution while you are out and about.

You can pick up a Lenovo P2 from Three for as little as £23.

German turntable maker Dual makes its return to UK shores with three brand new models

It's been quite some time since we've seen a Dual-made turntable on sale in the UK - in fact, from the '60s to the '80s the German firm was one of the biggest turntable giants in Europe. Thankfully, that's all about to change as Dual returns to British shores.

To celebrate, it's bringing three of its latest models to the UK, offering plenty of modern features married to the company's sleek and traditional designs. First up there's the entry level and fully-automatic MTR-15 for £124.99, followed by the mid-tier MTR-40 (£229.99) - an ideal upgrade for budding DJs looking to up their game.

Finally, there's the high-end MTR-75, which offers an enhanced chassis, belt drive, USB ouput and Audio Technica cartridge for £249.99.

Get some ripped-looking abs with this smartphone/fitness tech mashup

Do you want rock hard abs in time for the summer? Love playing games on your smartphone? Then the new Stealth fitness board might just be the crossbreed you've been looking for.

The Stealth Core Training System - which currently has a campaign live on Indiegogo - uses a special board that turns the dreaded plank (where you suspend your body on your elbows and the tips of your feet) into a gamified experience.

It's basically about engaging your core muscles and using your body to control each game via the pressure board included with the system. Considering how boring (and painful) ab workouts can be, we're intrigued by this little gizmo.

Head on over to the Indiegogo page now and you can nab a full kit for $179 (£145).