T3 Agenda: Our pick of the brief and offbeat gadget launches from 2015

New gadgets launched over the last year

15 December

Adidas and Monster have revealed a £90 pair of in-ear Bluetooth sport headphones. The adistar Bluetooth by Monster in-ear headphones are designed for runners and cross trainers and feature Monster's patented SportClip to keep them in place within the ear.

Technics' latest high end CD player system is now available from John Lewis. In fact, the company claims it's the first new player to hit the UK high street in 18 years. The £1,699 OTTAVA SC-C500 HiFi System was first announced in the autumn, and is designed to compete with the audio quality from much larger amplifiers.

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7 December

Pioneer has launched the £500 XDP-100R Digital Audio Player. It's a portable high res player that supports many high res formats including DSD (up to 11.2MHz) and FLAC/WAV (24bit/384kHz) files. The XDP-100R is also one of the first products to support the upcoming MQA format – a coding system that offers extreme High Res Audio in streamable file sizes.

3 December

The Ti100 Trainer is a new set of in-ear headphones from Gibson. Developed "in partnership" with Usain Bolt, the headphones follow on from the previously-released pair of Bluetooth over-ear Trainer headphones the company launched back in September. The in-ears are available in black or white from John Lewis for £150. They weigh just 14g (wow) and boast a respectable 6.5 hour battery life.

2 December

Virtual Reality addicts can now get their hands on Samsung's Gear VR, which is now available to buy from the Samsung Shop. The new Gear VR is 19 percent lighter than the previous version, and includes more foam cushions to stop sweaty headset rash, making it more pleasant to wear. It costs £80, but you'll also need a compatible smartphone in the form of the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, or S6 edge+.

1 December

Freeview Play is now available on Panasonic's new line-up of PVR and Blu-ray products; the DMR-BWT850, DMR-PWT655, DMR-PWT550, DMR-HWT250 and DMR-HWT150. It's already available to use on some Panasonic TVs.

30th November

Swatch has partnered with Visa to provide contactless payments via its new Bellamy smartwatch. As we've previously covered, Bellamy will have a traditional analogue display but will feature an NFC chip inside.

Also, Hive Multizone now enables Hive Active Heating customers to control up to three existing heating zones – such as upstairs and downstairs - through the Hive app. Extra zones are available for £99, while the main Hive Active Heating box is £249.

25th November

As trailed previously by us and everyone else in the universe, mega US watch brand Fossil has now released its first bit of current-gen wearable tech.

The Android Wear-powered, rather quaintly-named, Q Founder Stainless Steel Digital Watch uses an Intel chip, just like TAG Heuer's Android Wear Connected watch, has a 46mm screen (resolution not stated), 4GB of storage, Bluetooth LE and is water resistant to 1 metre (that's IP67, fact fans!)

The price is £279 or US$299. Rip-off Britain, mate. Rip-off Britain.

Fossil is a massive brand and has previously dabbled in Palm-powered "Wrist PDA" devices, so this is no shock, but it is quietly significant, given it knows a hell of a lot more about making and marketing timepieces than Apple, LG, Samsung et al.

TomTom has also introduced a £200 Premium Edition of its Golfer GPS watch in time for Christmas. It combines the same tech of the £149 TomTom Golfer watch with a hand-crafted Italian leather strap, trolley mount and ball marker which attaches directly to the watch strap.

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Fitbit has issued a software update to the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge which could potentially make the fitness trackers useful. The biggest, and most important new feature is SmartTrack, the automatic detection of activities, so your band will now know wheather your running, swimming or cycling etc (extremely useful, if it works). Fitbit is also aiming to keep users motivated with weekly exercise goals, helping you to work out more consistently. Additionally heartrate tracking is getting a boost with improvements to PurePulse, but the jury is still out whether that's useful or not...

6th November

Do you like the idea of receiving smartphone notifications on your wrist, but hate the idea of wearing a smartwatch? You're not alone, and designer label Guess has released an accessory which could be right up your ally. It's called the Guess Connect, it features a traditional analogue quartz watch face, but the Connect has some tricks up its sleeve. When your smartphone receives a notification, the watch will vibrate, a small OLED screen will display the message. Perfect if you're after a hybrid, which blends classic looks with a tech-driven smartwatch.

The Guess Connect is available at watchshop.com, with prices starting at £289.

20th October

Libratone has announced two new speakers in its Zipp range - both offering Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Available from 22nd October, both the 100W Zipp (£219) and 60W Zipp Mini (£179) are compatible with Spotify Connect have a durable white base and a mesh fabric cover available in four colours: Cloudy Grey, Deep Lagoon, Graphite Grey, Victory Red. Extra covers are available in Atlantic Deep, Signal and Sangria and retail for £19.

19th October

Three has promised that its UK 4G speeds will increase up to 50 per cent as it rolls out additional spectrum on its network. Three says the additional 5MHz of the 1800MHz spectrum has already been switched on in Northern England, the West Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The faster speeds will come to the rst of the UK "following completion of the rollout" - no date is given.

According to analyst Enders Analysis, Three carried 42 percent of the UK's mobile data traffic in the year-to March 2015. Average data usage per customer reached 4.65GB per month in June 2015. That's some serious data consumption!

16th October

One of the many modern nightmares is turning up to the airport with a boarding pass on your phone, only to realise you've got 5 per cent battery left. G-RO has the answer, with a cabin bag which also charges your devices, giving you piece of mind and precious battery life. The bag also features high diameter wheels to conquer rugged surfaces, and a spacious interior, to fit all your stuff. The battery packs 23,000 mAh, which has the capacity to charge a smartphone 10 times, a universal power outlet to charge a laptop, and a location tracker, so you'll never lose your luggage again.

The G-RO is on Kickstarter now, but has already flown past its fundraising goal. The bag will eventually retail at $500 (£324), but if you get your orders in early, you can nab it for $279 (£181). What are you waiting for? Even Mark Ronson has given it his seal of approval!

2 October

Dyson sounds like a pretty fun company to work for: every year employees get together to face a tough engineering challenge, past competitions include hovercrafts and drones crafted from Dyson parts, but this year, teams were briefed to create a remote-controlled car almost exclusively from cardboard. These carts needed to withstand sand, wind, water, and the biggest challenge -- fire.

Some cars were more successful than others, while some ended as a little heap of ash, and thankfully, Dyson recorded it for prosperity:

Charlie Gale, Dyson Design Engineer said, “The Dyson challenges bring both engineering and non-engineering departments together. This year, the brief was challenging, but by putting our heads together, the team were convinced that an iterative approach would work."

1 October

Shave like Bond

You can drive like James Bond, call like James Bond, tell the time like James Bond, and now shave like 007. Gillette has launched its global partnership with the film, kicking off a campaign focusing on "Bond Moments" in every man's life, you know, like the time you stormed a Oil Rig, shot 30 henchmen then saved a beautiful woman from a villain with a scar on his face.

A limited edition of the Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall Technology, celebrating 007's close shaves, is now on sale nationwide.

30 September

Bugaboo releases designer baby transportation

For those of you who think pushing a pram is emasculating (it isn't), Bugaboo have just the answer. The new collection, designed by Diesel features specially-treated denim which is hand-ripped, distressed, and features paint splatters. It's very masculine. The Bugaboo by Diesel comes with a blue anodised chassis, and a central joint resembling a button. The Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel Denim comes in at £1,089, and there's also a range of optional, matching accessories, such as a changing bag. We think it looks great.

17 September

Wahoo release new GPS cycle computer which lets you map rides and recreate them indoors

The ELEMNT packs ANT+, Bluetooth Smart and WiFI connectivity allowing riders to easily view key riding data in real-time, as well as recieve navigation cues and smartphone notifications on the go. You can set up the computer on your smartphone with the companion app, making tailoring it to your needs simple. Riders also benefit from the ELEMNT's integration with third-party platforms like Strava and RideWithGPS, which allows the ELEMNT to automatically pull your saved routes directly from your account.

The connected computer is also fully integrated with the rest of the Wahoo product line, the ELEMNT also offers riders the ability to control their KICKR indoor training experience directly from their handlebars, without a computer, tablet or smartphone. The computer can even allow you to recreate any saved course indoors by matching resistance to the rider's GPS profile.

Pretty smart, right? The ELEMNT can be yours later this year for £279.99.

14 September

Record Label in a Box does exactly what it says on the box

Ever wanted to start your own record label? It's a thorny matter, today's music business. But while profits may be down at big labels, it's still possible for creative minds to prosper artisitically and, to an extent, fiscally.

If you're a would-be label boss, or a musician who wants to publish their own works, you may have on occasion found yourself thinking, “If only I could buy a sort of 'record label in a box'. That would make things easy.”

Well, brace yourself: there now is!

Record Label In A Box from Ditto Music is a box containing Management Suite software for your planning and finances and a pen with a USB stick in it for keeping all your label data on. Even more usefully, the service also includes mentoring from experts, a pre-arranged web domain and pre-registration as a limited company at Companies House and also pre-registration with PPL, so you can get paid royalties.

Now go out there and rock! (In a financially responsible manner.)

14 September

Timex to join the analogue-watch-cum-activity-tracker set with Metropolitan+

The watch was shown briefly at the Qualcomm 3G/LTE Summit in Hong Kong, but resident wearables expert Duncan Bell has done some deducing, "The piece features a dial between 3 o'clock and 6 o' clock that shows your inexorable progress towards your daily steps goal. In the top left, between 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock, there's a second dial that appears to be a mode selector, with settings of steps and distance - so the bottom right dial could be set to show your progress to either goal, plus a Bluetooth indicator and 'off' if, for some reason, you'd like to pay extra for a connected fitness watch and then use it as normal watch. There's also a great big, red-arrowed hand that could be a stopwatch or something else. The big dial with the three hands on it? That's for telling the time."

13 September

Drones look set to get even better with the introduction of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight, a highly optimized chipboard targeted specifically for consumer drones and robotics applications. This will have the capability to support small, light drones with advanced video and image capture, communication and navigation features. What does it mean for use consumers? Longer battery life and superior functionality, we can't wait!

10 September

Gamblers, rejoice: you can now spend your winnings quicker!

William Hill has today launched a bank card. But no ordinary bank card. Its Priority Access Card, means Hill's online customers can get instant access to winnings, rather than having to wait 3-5 days as is standard now. Because it doesn't go into your bank account or, even worse, a joint bank account with your partner, the winnings are more the "fun money" that recreational gambling is supposed to provide, rather than what you buy toilet roll with.

With Mastercard handling the back end, the card is linked directly to users' William Hill online account. That means that straight after a win they can either shop for Champagne using the card, or go to a cashpoint and take their winnings out - William Hill will cover the usual fee that applies when taking cash out from an ATM.

Because Priority Access is a pre-pay card rather than credit card, it's also impossible for over-excited punters to bankrupt themselves after a win. It's currently limited to existing customers who spend regularly.

Withings Activité Pop now comes in pink, sorry, 'coral'

Have you long admired the Withings Activité Pop range, with its step-counting, sleep monitoring and vibrating alert ways? Have you hankered for its elegant, slimline looks, with its analogue, time-telling dial flanked by a smaller dial that shows your progress towards your daily step goal?

Has the only thing holding you back from shelling out the required 120 quid been that you wanted one in pink - sorry, coral? Well, hold back no longer. It's available to pre-order at Withings' website, and in the following high-tone shops: Selfridges, Harrods and, er, Argos.

Coffee maker brand Gaggia us relaunching in the UK with five bean-to-cup machines ranging in price from £399 for the standard Naviglio model through to £750 for the top Anima Carafe model. Gaggia reckons that bean-to-cup machines - assuming the user drinks two cups of coffee per day - can save between £175 to £205 per year over buying capsules depending on if you buy milk ones as well.

18 August

The iTunes Festival has become the Apple Music festival but will still have a 10 night residency at London's Camden Roundhouse in late September. Sets from Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine and Disclosure will be streamed live on Beats 1.

6 August

Available from September, the £200 Dualit Cino Milk Steamer is designed to produce perfectly frothed milk (after a minute heating up). There's an 850ml Bowled Jug which - says Dualit - features the ideal shape and lip to help create perfectly frothed milk, as well as a thermometer.

30 July

Canon has announced a new super low light camera for professional use (it's only available to "select partners"). The ME20F-SH has an unrivalled maximum ISO in excess of 4 million meaning you can shoot "from daylight to starlight". The cam has a newly developed Full Frame 35mm with 2.26 MP CMOS sensor and the DIGIC DV4 procesor.

27 July

HTC has announced the mid-range Desire 626 in the UK. The handset - first revealed at Mobile World Congress back in March - is the successor to the HTC Desire 620. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHz quad-core processor and features a 5-inch HD LCD screen, 13 megapixel camera and 16GB of internal memory. One specification which definitely isn't mid range is the ability to support 512GB of expandable memory.

Samsung is to provide UK smartphone buyers with a free six-month subscription to Google Play Music when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Note 4, or A-Series handset. The offer is available until the end of September.

CanJam London 2015 is taking place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August 2015. The event, taking place in Russell Square London, brings together many of the world's best names in headphone design. The event features dozens of exhibitors including Audio-Technica, Astell & Kern, Chord, KEF, Sennheiser, and V-Moda exhibiting their latest products. Check it out!

24th July

Honeywell has upgraded its £140 Single Zone Thermostat. You can now have seperate 'heating zones' but still linked to a single gateway, all controlled via the Total Connect Comfort App. The thermostat remains compatible with Honeywell's Smart Zoning system evohome, so you can have another point of control and grow your system, control your stored hot water and even underfloor heating.

23rd July

'Fill up and go' is what you can now do at Shell petrol forecourts across the UK. Shell has introduced a new scheme so customers can pay for their fuel quickly and securely on your mobile without leaving your car. All you have to do is download the Shell Motorist app and fill up with absolutely no hassle. Once you arrive at the pump open the Shell motorist app, when the message 'start refuelling' appears it will activate the pump so that you can top up your vehicle. You can then view your top up history seeing exactly how much you paid, how many litres you got and even build up loyalty points for discounts on further fuelling up trips.

22nd July

Dualit has come up with a dual-filter cafetiere that has two benefits according to the UK-based company. The first is that it reduces sediment (by up to 22 per cent, apparently). The second is that it keeps your drink hotter for longer. The Dualit Dual-Filter Cafetiere is made from stainless steel and is also shatter-proof. It costs £50.

Sky Sports won the right to show Premier League clip highlights to mobile and website users. The clips - from all 380 matches - will also be made available across The Sunday Times, The Times and The Sun websites and apps.

Lindy has released the £50 BTS360 Bluetooth speaker with one killer feature - an 18-hour battery life compared to the 10 hours of many of its rivals. It also supports NFC and has an auxillary jack for non-Bluetooth devices.

21st July

The £99 JBL Flip 3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that goes up against the UE Boom. It isn't waterpoof like Monster's Backfloat, but it is splashproof and boasts a 10 hour battery life. The Flip 3 is available in black, red, orange, pink, grey, blue, yellow and teal. Don't forget to check our our guide to the best portable Bluetooth speaker.

Canon has announced a new high-end all-in-one printer, the Pixma MG3550. You can print directly from apps via Wi-Fi (it's compatible with Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint and Canon's own Print app) and you can print double-sided docs, too. You can even upload scanned stuff to OneNote and print directly from Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox and more. It's available from September and will cost £70.

16th July

Misfit have released new software and hardware. Starting with the Misfit Link app, which turns Misfit Flash trackers into miniature buttons. This lets you use it to control music, change slides of a presentation, take a picture, or any other useful application thanks to IFTTT. The company have also released the Misfit Flash Link fitness tracker, which only costs £19.99 and is compatible with the magic button app. The company has also slashed the price of their other trackers in the US, but not the UK.

Philips have announced that its Hue lights will now be able to sync with the Xbox One, offering a whole new level of game immersion. The system will allow lights to automatically sync with the scenes in the game, and platformer Chariot will be the first game to make use of the tech. Philips have also partnered with television channel SyFy, so those who watch the seminal classic Sharknado 3 will also be able to enjoy interactive lights

Linksys has added to the growing number of 802.11ac Wi-Fi Range Extenders with the £90 RE6700, designed to boost the range of your home wireless. The company has also announced the first dual-band, omni-directional high-gain antennas for the consumer market – the Linksys WRT004ANT (£90) and Linksys WRT002ANT (£45).

Panasonic has also introduced the LUMIX DMC-GX8 (£1,069) interchangeable lens camera with Panasonic's first Dual I.S (Image Stabiliser). It's available from late August, can record in 4K. The £500 LUMIX DMC-FZ330, is the latest in the line of FZ super-zoom compact digital cameras featuring 4K recording and an F2.8 aperture throughout its 25-600mm zoom range.

15th July

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that two further bus routes, the 507 and 521, will operate entirely with electric buses from autumn next year, lowering carbon emissions and helping to improve London's air quality. By 2020 all 300 single deck buses operating in central London will be zero emission (either electric or hydrogen) and all 3,000 double deck buses will be hybrid.

Sonos has announceed a limited edition PLAY: 1 Tone will be sold exclusively on Sonos.com for £220, starting Tuesday, July 21st at 10am BST.

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