Save £225 with this bombastic Sky TV and fibre broadband deal... if you're quick

Get fibre broadband and 300 channels

Sky TV Broadband Deal
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky has launched a staggering new deal. If you're looking to upgrade your television and your home broadband, this is a pretty phenomenal bargain.

The UK broadcaster has slashed the price of its TV and fibre broadband bundle from £51.50 a month down to £39 – a saving of £12.50 each month. Over the course of your 18-month contract with Sky, this blockbuster deal will save you £225.

That's a staggering saving. As you'd expect, the Sky fibre broadband plan is completely unlimited, which should be perfect for streaming on-demand video in Ultra HD, playing online multiplayer games, and FaceTime calls with family. The company promises average download speeds of 59Mbps.

The discounted bundle includes Sky's Broadband Boost add-on, too. This brings a number of extra features to the table, including the Sky Buddy app – that lets parents restrict the amount of time their children can spend watching a screen inside and outside of the house, as well as the ability to book an engineer visit at a time that suits you – even evening and weekends, at no extra cost. Sky will also run daily checks on your fibre connection to ensure it's performing at its best, and if something does go wrong, Broadband Boost customers will get 2GB extra mobile data immediately deposited into their Sky Mobile account, if they use the network.

And finally, the latest Sky deal comes with some seriously good telly. You'll get access to more than 300 channels, as well as on-demand catch-up services from the likes of BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky Atlantic, Dave, and many, many more.

Of the 300 channels, you'll get to enjoy the likes of  Sky Atlantic – where Game Of Thrones, WestWorld, Big Little Lies, Last Week Tonight can be found air – Sky One, MTV, SyFy, Fox, National Geographic, Discovery, Comedy Central, Sony, and, for the dissolute millennials in your household, VICE TV.

Sky TV Entertainment + Sky Q Set-Top Box + Fibre Broadband | £51.50 £39 a month | 18 Month Contract
If you're struggling to find anything to watch, or keep pulling your hair out because your home broadband connection is so infuriatingly slow – this superb offer from Sky is a brilliant way to get its top-tier fibre broadband with average speeds of 59Mb and its Sky TV Entertainment package. If you needed any further proof of just how amazing this deal really is, Sky charges £42 a month for its considerably slower 11Mb deal, compared to this supercharged fibre broadband option at £39 a month.View Deal