New NASA robot arm needs the public vote

This robotic cube appendage will be heading to the International Space Station

American space agency NASA has decided to give the general public the chance to influence one of its new robotic creations, the Astrobee. That's means you - yes, you - could help design the new arm on this free-flying contraption before the device is sent up to monitor and interact with the International Space Station (ISS).

Working in conjunction with recruitment firm Freelencer, NASA has created the NASA Tournament Lab Challenges as a way to crowdsource ideas geared towards tackling some of the most challenges obstacles facing astronauts and modern space technology. The Robot Arm Architecture Challenge is open to any Freelancer member, but only 30 lucky would-be engineers will be selected to take part.

NASA will be providing all the data and system specs you could need and will pay every one of the 30 entries $10 for their efforts, with another $100 winging its way for those who are selected from the registration survey and for that, "complete all deliverables of the task." What are said deliverables we hear you ask? You can find all the meatier details on the Challenge's website, but it will include a written argument for the design, a graphical break down of its individual elements and a detailed description of each composite part. Best get your thinking caps on then!


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