New laws make ripping CDs legal in UK

CDs, remember those?

Yep, you read it correctly. As legislature desperately plays catch-up with the 21st century, new changes mean that ripping your CDs is now legal. As you were, gentlemen.

If you were backing up your music onto disc in the late 90's, you were probably thrilled to be entering the digital age. What you probably didn't realise was that you were actually a budding criminal mastermind.

New laws mean that from 1st June 2014, it will no longer be illegal to make copies of music, films, and even e-books that you've already bought.

Currently, the courts don't look too kindly on making copies, as it conflicts with existing copyright law.

While the changes will mean that you're free to make copies of media you already own, the caveat is that you can only duplicate for personal use.

It will still be illegal to pass your content on to friends and family, so if you want to hand over that entire box-set of Friends that you painstakingly copied, you better destroy every other version you might own.

A new exception also allows you to quote other people's work without their permission. Currently illegal unless you're reviewing, critiquing, or news reporting, the changes mean that you're free to quote if “the use is fair.”

By Sean Keach