Nest Learning Thermostat unveiled

First product from the people that 'fathered' the iPod

It has a click-wheel and it's designed by the people that fathered the iPod, but it isn't an Apple product. It's a thermostat, the most desirable thermostat you'll ever see

Nest have unveiled their first product the Nest Learning Thermostat, an intelligent thermostat that monitors your activities throughout the day and learns to adapt to your living pattern.

Incredibly simple and minimalistic in design it works in very much that same way that all thermostats do, you adjust the temperature as you wish. That's where the similarities end however, using an array of six sensors the Learning Thermostat is able to detect changes in outside temperature, ambient lighting, essentially learning as it goes, in fact Nest claim the Learning Thermostat will have learned your daily routine after just a week.

The idea is to make us use our thermostats less, and in using them less we then use them more efficiently. It's a hugely advanced piece of kit for something we often take for granted, it has WiFi built-in so you can control it from anywhere around the world through an app for smartphone or tablet, if you then decide to have more than one Nest in the house they'll start talking to each other and will be able to create an even more accurate picture of how each persons day plans out.

There's no word on whether it'll be coming to the UK however the US pricing puts the Nest Learning Thermostat at $249.

What do you think, is it style over substance or is there something in it? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Nest Learning Thermostat