Native Union launches the POP Desk

Stand turns iPhone and smartphones into a desk phone

Native Union has released an innovative dock that turns your smartphone into a desk phone.

The POP Desk phone comes with a retro-looking handset and a stand. The stand works with the iPhone and most major smartphones.

On the stand, there is a anti-slip rubberised pad that helps to keep your smartphone in place. The stand also comes with a slot that you can push your charger cable through and connect it to the phone.

According to Native Union, it is possible to pick up and hang up by pressing one button. It also has noise reduction technology and support for VOIP applications.

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Handset adaptors have been around for a couple of years now.

However, this is the first time that someone has combined one with a stand to create a fusion between the traditional desk phone and the benefits of a smartphone.

The smartphone dock/desk phone is available via Native Union's website for $49.99 (£31).

Via: Gizmodo