Apple to reveal not one but three new iPhones soon

The next iPhone will go up to a hefty 5.8-inch OLED display option

The Apple rumour mill has been speeding on recently as the next iPhone gets closer to a reveal and now Asia’s Nikkei has revealed more. 

According to the reliable news source we can expect Apple to release three new phones as part of its next model upgrade. Two of those phones are reported to come with LCD displays and one with an OLED screen that will be a hefty 5.8-inches big. 

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The report goes on to say that Apple intends to make more money by releasing this larger screened phone. That would suggest we could be looking at an iPhone that costs more than a lot of laptops. But that might not be soon.

There have been multiple reports, supported by this news one, that Apple is having trouble sourcing suppliers for the amount of OLED screens it needs manufactured. As a result this handset, at least, will apparently not go into production until September this year - when Apple usually begins to release its new phones.

The next Apple iPhone is also rumoured to feature an all glass build, new biometric security tech with TouchID built into the screen and dual cameras. 

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